3 Popular Surfboard Accessories

surfboard accessories

Surfboard accessories are additional things which are added onto your surfboard to help you have better performance and more grip. There are various kinds of surfboard accessories readily available nowadays in order to make your surfboard surfing experience all the more easier and better. The more you use your surfboard, the more chances you get to come across surfing conditions which are not quite ideal. Accessories play a very crucial role in making your surfboard surfing experience fun and enjoyable.

Surfboard Accessories

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One of the most used surfboard accessories is the foam padding. When it comes to surfing, wet surfs can be very painful especially when it comes to the feet. This is the reason why it is recommended for you to always use high quality foot pads. These pads can be easily purchased from the top brands such as Reebok, Adidas and Nike. These top brands manufacture their own foam pads which are specifically manufactured for surfers so that they will be protected from all kinds of roughness which may come upon surfing.

Another type of surfboard accessories which you should never forget to take along with you is the surfboard wetsuit. It is very important for you to take your surfboard with you whenever you go out on the water. There is nothing which can stop you from enjoying the fun and excitement of surfing in any part of the world. However, when you are out on your surfboard, one of the most important surfboard accessories which you should never forget to wear is the surf shop wet wetsuit.

It is important for you to always take your leash with you whenever you go out surfing. You will never know what kind of condition your surfboards may be in if you do not have a leash with you. This is one of the most basic surfboard accessories which every surfboard owner must have. Even if you are taking your surfboard to a local surf store or surfing store near you, it is always important for you to bring along a leash. You never know what kind of a condition your surfboards might be in and a leash will definitely help you to keep your surfboard safe and protected.

Surfboard bags are also among the most important surfboard accessories which every surfer should have. Most surfers use rubber surfboard bags which help them to carry their surfboards with ease when they are traveling from one beach to another. There are surfboard bags with wheels at the bottom. They offer increased stability as well as increased traction which is essential when you are surfing on wet, slippery surfboards.

The next surf accessory which you should have with you is the surf board wetsuit. Surfers who visit the southern parts of the United States tend to wear cotton wetsuits. Cotton wetsuits are more comfortable and they provide better protection than the vinyl wetsuits that many people prefer to buy. Although they are expensive, they are worth the investment.

The next 2 accessories that you should consider purchasing for your surfboard are an air hose and an electric surfboard charger. Having an air hose helps you to get around with ease when you are surfing because you do not have to struggle with any rope to drag along behind you. With an electric surfboard charger, you can charge your boards battery from anywhere in the water regardless of how warm it is where you are surfing. These two accessories will definitely come in handy on many surf trips.

End Note

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Your surfboard bags should also come with leash holders. Surfers love to take their surfboards on and off in the ocean every day. If you want to avoid having your surfboard dragged around while on the water, leash holders will make it much easier for you. Many surfboard bags have epoxy board tape on the bags which will protect the paint on your surfboards from fading if it is not removed every time you board.

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