4 Amazing Surfing Spots In Puerto Rico

Many surfing enthusiasts always search for excitement. You may have heard of Puerto Rico. The place is popular for its beautiful beaches and also a paradise for surfers. There are various spots that one surfer may find impressive. It can be a little confusing to pick one out of so many options. But now choosing becomes easier and hustle-free. Below is the list of interesting and thrilling surfing places in Puerto Rico. You will also notice some specialties that each place has to offer. 

Gas Chamber


You may find this place a mix of thrill and relief. Surfers from extreme to beginner level can enjoy the Gas Chamber. The parking facility is free for visitors. The place is one of the most popular surfing spots in Aguadilla. Many times surfers also come across-shore break waves. The region has some of the highest numbers of beaches. Surfers can find waves up to 20 feet or even more. 

Tres Palmas

sandy beach

Tres Palmas is suitable for highly skilled surfers. The spot is filled with excitement. It is an adventure corner for those looking for some real adventure. Not just that, the place is very easily accessible too. The beach is under preservation by the government. That’s why water is a lot more fresh and clean. You can even see your hand as well. Numerous dolphins can be seen occasionally. Tres Palmas beach has a free parking facility. The waves height up to 25 feet and so on. Some people pick the location for extreme stamina training purposes. 

Crash Boat Beach

Another prominent beach of Aguadilla. You can get a glimpse of a natural geyser called Pozo de Jacinto on your voyage. The place offers scuba diving, swimming, fishing, and many more fun activities. People can enjoy the place any time of the day. If you want you can also admire the beautiful sunset as well. The waves are suitable for all kinds of surfers. There is no risk factor for beginners or even professional surfers. This spot is a safe place for all age groups. 

Middles Beach

If you want to tour somewhere beautiful in Isabela then Middles beach can be the right choice. Surrounded by lovely green mountains and sea caverns. This west coast-located beach hosts the Corona Pro Surf Circuit for visitors. The place is a paradise for surfers. Middles beach is quite a fascinating spot for newcomers to surfing. The waves are suitable for any level.


Puerto Rico has some of the best beaches and surfing spots. The above-mentioned are some exciting places for surfing. To reduce the difficulty of choosing the most promising place. All the options are shortly described. You can select the best that suits your preferences. Although every place has its specialty. There can be few downsides as well as merits to every spot.

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