Surfboard: Choose The Right

4 Factors To Choose Right Surfboard As A Surfer

It doesn’t matter what stage of surfing you are in; you should choose suitable surfboard to improve your surfing skills. It will act as the main catalyst for your success as a surfer while you also enjoy.
Surfer should consider some of or all of the factors to choose their surfboard. No surfboard is perfect for all conditions and waves. So, if you want to be regular in your surfing circuit and want to improve, stock up your surfboard collection. All beginners will want to update their board to level up. But before that, all surfers must consider these important factors to select the right one:

4 Factors To Choose Right Surfboard As A Surfer

4 Factors To Choose Right Surfboard As A Surfer

1. Know Your Skill Level Before Buying The Surfboard

If you have just started out, then a good beginner board is all you need to learn the basics. For a new surfer, a board with a good amount of stability and volume is important. These surfboards are mostly of 7′-8′ long and 22″-23″ wide with a thickness of 3″. For beginners, a board with a soft top is a better option as they provide more stability.

If you are past your beginners’ level, then fiberglass boards are great options. Start to refine the board shape that suits your abilities and wave types you favor.

2. Level Of Fitness

While choosing your board, your fitness level will be an important factor to determine with which board you will get the best experiences. When a person improves their fitness level they need to change their previous board with suitable for the new level of fitness. Sometimes many people lose their stamina because of age factors or other reasons.

A younger advanced-surfer may go for a board that has less volume. But an old advanced-surfer probably will choose a different type of board with more volume. Fitness levels impact your strength to paddle in the waves. When you choose the right board based on your fitness, it ensures that you are counting your waves and not letting it go.

4 Factors To Choose Right Surfboard As A Surfer

4 Factors To Choose Right Surfboard As A Surfer

3. Height & Weight Matter To Choose Surfboard

Many ignore the fact that with surfing boards, both your weight and height matters. To ride a board, these are two obvious elements. You will find many volume calculators that rely on these elements to get you right board volume.

Height and weight of yours play a vital role during surfing. So taking them in consideration at the beginning of finding the right board is best. If you are larger, then the board volume will also increase.

4. What’s The Type Of Your Wave

What is your wave type during surfing? This is why most ardent surfers have a quiver of surfboards. The wave conditions and types differ from day to day, and beach to beach.

If you are slowly getting into surfing a lot, you will need an array of boards in the collection to surf every day in any conditions. When a swell arrives, and the wind blows off-shore, some of the waves give the best breaks to surfers.

If the wave is 3-6ft high, you need a shortboard with high performance to fit in the barrel pocket. When the waves aren’t firing, then a board with Haydenshapes are best.

As the waves change, your boards must also change to get most out of the conditions available to you. This is why you must have more boards in your collection as you progress with your surfing.

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