Surf School: 5 Reasons

5 Reasons For You To Go To A Surf School

Many wonder whether a surf school is worth to go as it is not cheap to join. Parents get confused about whether they will spend money for their kid to go to the school or adult individuals wonder that if it the place where they should go to learn surfing basics.

5 Reasons For You To Go To A Surf School

5 Reasons For You To Go To A Surf School

In reality, going to a surf school is worthwhile for a novice surfer. You will get worthwhile instructions as value for the money you pay. The following reasons will encourage you to join a surfing school.

1. YouTube Can’t Teach Surfing, A Surf School Can

No, sadly you can’t. You can’t learn any sport from only watching videos from the comfort of your home. Get yourself out of the house and enroll in a good school of surfing if you really want to learn surfing step-by-step with techniques. A school will teach you the pros and cons of every condition you face during surfing. A YouTube video won’t be able to give you the first-hand experience.

2. Surf School Will Help Select Board And Fin

Even though you will get information about selecting the right board and fin, it is best to get real-time guidance. In a surf school, you can try out many surfboards and surfing equipment. But, in a store, you won’t be able to try them before you make the purchase. Your instructors will make you try out various surfboard based on your surfing style.

Choosing the right surfboard is the most important part of surfing, and other aspects will depend on this. In a school, you can begin on a stable board which is big enough. It will be easier for you to learn it better, no matter which age group you belong to.

3. Start On Sand Or Waves?

It isn’t a funny question. If you are in a surfing school, then the instructors will begin teaching on the sand. Does it feel strange? But it’s actually not. When you are just beginner, it is not easy to push the board up along with standing firmly. You have to do it quickly.

5 Reasons For You To Go To A Surf School

5 Reasons For You To Go To A Surf School

If you try to learn it yourself, then you don’t even know what to do. Instead, an instructor can help you and correct you if you are practicing it all wrong. He/she will move the feet in the right place, tell you how you have to practice on the sand.

4. Place Of Surfing

It is best to learn surfing in a surf school as those schools are not placed near a beach where the wave is over 5-7m. For you to start, it will be an ideal place.

A good school will know the local beaches and which are best to go based on swells, tides, and winds. An experienced instructor will be the one that can shower you with the knowledge to better your basic skills from the beginning.

5. You Learn Systematically

If you learn systematically along with others, you will learn to surf quicker. When you learn alone, you don’t know what exactly you have to do, and it takes years even to learn the basic in this way. But if you join a school, you learn the basic fast to improve on your skill-sets. Surf schools teach you in a very systematic order

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