A Beginner’s Guide To Windsurfing

A Beginner's Guide To Windsurfing

Thinking of an exciting sport? Opt for windsurfing. Irrespective of your age and ability, you can pick it up. All you need is a guide to windsurfing along with expert training. This article will help you know about the essential tips so that you can learn windsurfing with ease.

A Beginner's Guide To Windsurfing
A Beginner’s Guide To Windsurfing

Guide To Windsurfing – Not As hard As You Think

In this type of sailing, you need to grip a sail after standing on the board. The wind helps you go across the water. Move your feet and also alter the sail position to steer. Having an underlying sense of the direction of the wind comes very handy. But you don’t have it, do not panic. The instructor will help you out. With practice, you can get the neck of it within a few days.

Choose An Experienced Trainer For Learning

Instead of learning from a friend or family, you should opt for an instructor for learning windsurfing. Though it might cost you some fees, it is worth the result. A class of an hour, along with a group of beginners like you, will make the learning enjoyable.

The instructor will start teaching you with a larger board and small sail. As your skills get better, you will go to the small board. The size of the sail depends a lot on the conditions of the weather.

Guide To Windsurfing – Wear Proper Clothes

While going surfing, you need to put on proper clothes like a rash vest and board shorts. Using sunscreen is a must. Always keep a shortie wetsuit with you in case you feel cold. Beach clubs have all sizes of beards and sails. So, you need not worry about them. Moreover, they also provide buoyancy aids.

Nothing To Fear Even If You fall

As you are a beginner, it is very likely that you will fall quite a few times. You have to balance the board, understand the wind direction, hold the sail, and on the basis of these, you have to change your position – handling so many things is quite challenging at the beginning. So, you can fall and get a quick dip!

Get up and climb on the board again to try. Though trying, again and again, will make you tired, your performance will be better each time.

A Beginner's Guide To Windsurfing
A Beginner’s Guide To Windsurfing

Guide To Windsurfing – Know The Essential Terms

While learning the sport, you will come across many unfamiliar words. So, you should learn them by all your heart to understand their meaning correctly.

To indicate different sides of the board, the instructor uses different terms. For example, deck means top surface; nose means front, rail indicates the edge, whereas the tail signifies the backside of the board.

 There is a mast to hold up the front edge of the sail. It is nothing but the upright post where the sail is fixed. The sail has a bar called the boom. The term rig is used for setting up the windsurfing.

There is a retractable fin or daggerboard in the middle of the board to make it stable and resistant. A fin is also present at the board bottom for making stable. It also aids in making you go straight.

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