A Complete Guide For Buying An Ideal Surfing Board

surfing board

Surfing is a fun activity, and if you like the sea and water, you must love surfing and enjoying the weather. Surfing involves physical activity, which can help you become fit and burn some extra calories. You need practice and experience to become a great surfer and learn new surfing skills. You can observe people have started showing their interest in surfing across the world. The popularity of surfing has increased due to social media, where people showcase surfing as a fantastic and adventurous sport. However, a surfer knows what difficulties and skills you require to become a professional or an ordinary surfer. Therefore, as a beginner, people know that surfing is fun, but they do not research various gear and types of surfing boards and quit. However, surfing depends on the surfer and their skills, but a surfing board plays a vital role in a better surfing experience. Surfers are emotionally connected to their surfing boards; no matter you old you get, you can never forget your first surfing board. The surfing board holds many memories, like how you first made through waves and practiced various tricks. Surfboards come in various colors and categories, and as a surfer, you must know which is suitable for you. The surfboard usage depends on your surfing style and physical structure, so you must undertake every point before buying any surfing board. Therefore, if beginners want to know what type of surfing board you should buy, read our guide on the ideal surfing board, and you may get some essential tips while buying a surfing board. 

Longboard; Ideal Surfing Board

Surfing Board
  • A longboard is the most common type of surfing board, as the name reflects it is long. The longboard has a whole outline with a round nose and broad rails compared to other surfing boards. 
  • If you know a little bit of science, you should understand the longboard will be easier to surf, as it is more stable and buoyant. 
  • The size of the longboard should be 3 feet higher than your height to get a proper balance. However, the exact inches can vary, so check the longboard before buying. 

The Funboard; Ideal Surfing Board

Surfing Board
  • If you want to enhance your skills and become professional, you can shift from longboard to funboard. The funboard is medium in size, and you need to maintain balance while surfing on the funboard. 
  • Therefore, before shifting to funboard, you must have expertise in longboard. Otherwise, you may get demotivated. In funboard, you get various options like fish type, pull tailed, and egg shape so that you can choose accordingly. 

Shortboard; Ideal Surfing Board

To use a shortboard, you must be comfortable with the longboard and know some basics. Surfing on a shortboard is not tricky, but you must know some basic principles to switch to a shortboard. You get various options in shortboard according to your requirement like more balance, more speed, and being more light to handle. 

Bottom Line

Lastly, you have various options while buying a surfboard, so you must consider the given points before buying any of them. Make sure you buy a branded and durable surfboard to enjoy your surfing experience.

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