A Wave Of Change: Planets

A Wave Of Change Is Coming To Change Planets Resources

Resources are precious and essential for us; consequently, a wave of change is slowly growing. Resources are basically of two types, such as renewable resources and non-renewable resources. Most of the resources which we use and are essential for us are non-renewable or take millions of years to form. Resources, everyone must use accordingly instead of misusing them. Resources are being used very rapidly, which would soon result in their extinction. Water resources are running very low from what they were originally. Water resources are running low as everyone is wasting water all over the world. One major factor for the depletion of water resources is low rainfall due to global warming. There is now less rainfall every year. Rain used to be a precious contribution to balance the groundwater table.

A Wave Of Change Is Coming To Change Planets Resources

A Wave Of Change: Water Problems

The planet Earth has mostly covered with water, yet only a fraction of that is freshwater. Freshwater is the water suitable for drinking and do other activities as well. A fraction of the freshwater is available to us. The rest is in the form of ice known to us as glaciers. Water resources will soon be scarce if people don’t start a wave of change and start conserving water. Water conservation should be the topmost priority. Moreover, all the countries should come together to find a solution for this global epidemic. Water is related to many aspects as weather and climate; all of these factors affect the availability of it. Many scientists are continuing their research to study the impact of weather, climate, and other things on the water. Water resources are available on Earth at different rates in different places. Such as there are continents like Africa, which have a water shortage. Water should’ve conserved by everyone. It is our sole responsibility to save water for our future generations to come.

A Wave Of Change: Water Sources

Water is one of the foundation elements for the existence of humans. Water is available to us through a lot of sources we can work and help to conserve the water. Rain is an excellent water source; they help a lot in watering the crops. It also maintains the groundwater table. Water is also available to us through groundwater. There are not a lot of freshwater sources. Freshwater is very precious. Water resources, with everyone’s effort, can considerably improve by rainwater harvesting. Furthermore, if we stop polluting water, it would also be a great help. Water, everyone must use significantly. Such as taking shorter baths, not leaving the tap open when not in use.

A Wave Of Change Is Coming To Change Planets Resources


Water is as essential to us as oxygen for our lives. Water, everyone should conserve it and conserve it at all costs. We will only see a massive improvement in the situation. If everybody is aware and willing to change themselves for the good of others. We all should work together to save water and provide it to our future generation.

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