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Hydrofoil surfboard is a type of board that has wings that are fitted with propellers on them. It is called hydrofoil because the design makes use of the upward force generated by the water flow passing through this wing to lift up its front-end. This allows you to ride at top speed without you even paddling. It gets its name because it is similar to the lifting surfaces of an aircraft. Hydrofoil surfboard is also called foil board, foiling on water or simply hydro for short.



In the 1970s, a man named Daniel came up with the idea of using wings as a way to lift himself from being thrust forward from the water. He was a sailor and combined his interest in foil sails to design a hydrofoil that is attached to a surfboard. This materialized as a 72-pound monster powered by a 9.9hp motor. The energy came from an electric motor that was fuelled with lead-acid batteries, making it one of the first battery-powered surfboards.

When Daniel surfed on this at a lake, he was able to reach speeds of 0.7m/s (3 ft/s). This was much faster than the average speed you would get from paddling and allowed him to glide without using too much power. It became one of his preferred modes of transport and he began to add more safety features such as a knife, bilge pumps, and an emergency locator. Ever since then, Daniel has been improving his hydrofoil designs and sharing information with other hobbyists.

Hydrofoil surfboard vs Other Surfboards:


As of this moment, there aren’t many commercially available hydrofoils that you can buy. The advantage of this is that it gives the extreme advantage of speed compared to other types of boards. A person riding a normal board would have to make at least 4 or 5 strokes per second in order to go at top speeds. Hydrofoil surfboard, on the other hand, only needs one long push every second and can go up to 15 knots (28kph or 17mph). This short amount of propulsion is powered by a 1.3hp watercraft engine.

The hydrofoil surfboard also uses different parts compared to other types of boards. There is a specific design for the board and another one for the foil and propeller assembly, which is usually made from a single aluminum alloy.

Benefits of hydrofoil surfboard:

1. Speed: It is a lot faster than other types of boards and you can even hit 30 knots (56kph or 35mp

2. Easy to learn: The rider only needs one thing – a push from the water. They don’t need additional power from paddling which makes it easier for anyone to ride.

3. Safer: Even if you get knocked off the board, it is easier to swim while riding on a hydrofoil compared to other boards. You just need to jump back on the foil and continue your ride. This also makes it safer for beginners who are still learning how to balance themselves with the board.

4. Maneuverable: The foil takes the hassle out of paddling. This makes it easier to do tricks and ride a wave since you don’t have to spend too much energy on propelling yourself forward.

5. Upwind Performance: When riding on a hydrofoil, you can go upwind without having to tack against the wind. You can also ride downwind and turn around to go upwind again without any hassle.

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