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kite surfing gear

Buying kite surfing equipment used to be very easy and you could just pick up whatever you wanted. But now that there are so many options, you have to know what to look for before you make any investment. Most kite surfing gear companies have their own websites that outline exactly what you will get with your package and what all the items included are. It is important to know what you are getting with your buy because all kite surfing gear is not created equal. You should know what you are getting ahead of time so you won’t be disappointed with your purchase later.

An Overview

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Most people think that kites are the same as surfing boards. This is not true at all. A kite surfing board is completely different from a kite in the way it handles and performs. The kite surfing gear that you will be getting will depend on the type of site that you are going to use. For example, if you are planning on going down deep into the ocean, then you will want to get a board that will go in the water well and that has a lot of drag.

Kite Surfing equipment differs from Surfboard surfing because most kites do not have any type of wheel on them. Most kites today have a motor attached to them. The main difference between a kite and a surfboard is the way that they are operated. With a kite you have the ability to control how fast the kite goes and how high it can go. This is a much more difficult skill to learn than surfing but makes a kite rider more skilled at surfing than just about any other rider.


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The main advantage of kites over boards is that you have more control when it comes to the angles that you take with the kite. When you are surfing, you have to use all of your strength along the edges to hold yourself up. You never have that same level of control when riding a kite.

The best quality kites today can go up to thirty miles per hour (mph). This is way too much for the surfers of the past. Today you can even get kites that can go even faster. These kites that are used for surfing are called trikes. Trikes are great for kite surfing. They ride along the top of the kite and provide excellent control while you are riding it.

Get Right Clothing

Along with getting the right kitesurfing equipment you will need to get the right clothing as well. There is no point in having one of the best kite surf boards in the world if you don’t feel comfortable riding it. The first piece of kite surfing clothing that you will need to buy is a helmet. If you are not going to wear a helmet than at least wear a lifejacket. A life jacket will protect you from getting a bad cut or hit behind the ears.

You will also want to get some other protective gear. You will want to get tights and elbow pads. Kite shoes are also a good investment. You can get slip-ons or boots depending on where you plan on surfing. Remember to get sunglasses and a windbreaker if you are planning on being out in the sun a lot. Waterproof clothing is an absolute must have.


As you can see there is a lot that goes into kitesurfing equipment. You need to know what kind of kite you want to use, how heavy it needs to be, and how fast it is. With kitesurfing you don’t just throw your kite on the top of your backpack and walk away. You use it and then have to take it down again before you can use it again.

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