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If you are searching for some of the most popular surfing movies ever taken, then you have come to the right place. These are action-packed earned a right on the ocean with beautiful natural settings and sceneries.

The bright blue sky, the cold wind blowing, and sunbathed crowd on the ocean is something to the eye indeed. Most of the movies listed below have been shot world over in different locations.

The actors surfing, having new food, experiencing new cultures, and lifestyle is something that makes these films appealing. As a kid, you would have loved to one day pick up the surfboard and hit the ocean and enjoy the ride.

The surfing culture began in the early 1900s when Thomas Edison took to the sea. For more than 60 years, it was unheard, until it was a sport in Hawaii. Directors noticed the adrenaline pumping and rushing when surfers took to the ocean. Hence, they decided to make movies using the 16mm camera. Probably, the first movie to be released on surfing would be in 1953 named, Hawaiian Surfing Movie.

What Are Some Of The All Time Favorite Surfing Movies?
What Are Some Of The All-Time Favorite Surfing Movies?

Here Is A List Of The Surfing Movies

The Endless Summer (1966)

The movie has pleasant memories for many viewers even today because it shot in several locations. Two surfers Robert August and Mike Hynson take a surfing trip around the world. The movie directed by Bruce Brown and shot in various regions including Ghana, South Africa, Hawaii, and Senegal.

Morning Of The Earth (1971)

Hawaii, Bali, and Australia was the location of this movie shot. Viewers call it as one of the poignant films of all time. It directed by Albert Falzon and comes with the beautiful soundtrack too. It tries to bond nature and surfers.

What Are Some Of The All Time Favorite Surfing Movies?
What Are Some Of The All-Time Favorite Surfing Movies?

North Shore (1987 Surfing Movies)

The movie stars Rick Kane who wants to become a surfer and compete. He travels from his hometown of Arizona to Oahu. Another exciting aspect of the film is that it features professional surfers, including Laird Hamilton, Shaun Tomson, Gerry Lopez, Mark Occhilupo, and others. William Phelps directed the movie.

The Seedling (1999)

You would be surprised to know the movie was shot using 16mm. It features some longboard wave surfing. If you are a longboard surfer, then you will love the film. The film features Dane Peterson, Joel Tudor, Devon Howard, Seitaro Nakamura, Kassia Meador, and Josh Farberow. Thomas Campbell who wanted to prove a point to others that great surfing is very much alive indeed directed it.

What Are Some Of The All Time Favorite Surfing Movies?
What Are Some Of The All-Time Favorite Surfing Movies?

Thicker Than Water (2000)

Jack Johnson, Chris Malloy, and Emmett Malloy directed the movie. It starred acclaimed actors including Brad Gerlach, Rob Machado, Shane Dorian, Kelly Slater, and others. The film is commendable because the frames have shot after careful selection.

Conclusion – Enjoy Surfing Movies

There you go the above were some of the most popular surfing movies that showcased on television. If you have not seen them yet, then you have no idea what you are missing out. Do yourself a favor and watch them today.

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