Amazing Surfing Spots On Kauai You Should Definitely Know About

A man carrying a surf board walking on a beach

Kauai Surfing Spots is a great place to see the beautiful sea and surf along the coast of Kauai. If you are looking to see the best surfing spots on the island then you need to take a good look at the ocean side of Kauai where the ocean meets the rocky shoreline and is surrounded by a wide array of surfing opportunities. While this is a great surfing spot, many other activities on the beach will have you visiting this location time again.

Kauai Is The Best Island 

Kauai is an island within the central pacific, part of the giant Hawaiian archipelago. It is nicknamed the “Garden Isle” due to the lush tropical rain forest covering much of its surface. The dramatic cliffs and steep pinnacles of the Na Pali Coast are a perfect backdrop for numerous major Hollywood movies, while the 10-mile long Waimea Canyon traverses the sleeping giant mountain is a popular hiking location.

There are plenty of different types of beaches on Kauai. One of them is of course on the ocean side where you can get an awesome surf experience. However, this beach is very shallow and has low tides during the day. Also, the beach is often packed with tourists, so it tends to be crowded with people from all over the world.

Nanakuli Beach 

A man riding a wave on a surfboard in the water

Another beach on Kauai that is very famous is the “Nanakuli Beach”. This is a great surfing spot located near the harbor and it’s also close enough to a restaurant to have some good views of the sunset. It has also been dubbed “Hawaii’s best surfing spot”. However, Nanakuli Beach is only open during the daytime and is not open until the nighttime. You will also have to wait in line at the hotel for the beach to open and then you can surf.

Wahalee Beach 

On the east coast of Kauai, there is another very popular surfing spot called “Wahalee Beach”. It is in a very rural area, but there are some beautiful beaches here that you can enjoy surfing. The best part about this beach is that it has a variety of different shapes and areas that you can surf. You can surf in a straight line or you can go around and look for a better surfing spot to surf. You will even be able to enjoy the calm waters of Lake Waiakea nearby to help you relax.

On the west coast of Kauai, you will find “Nanakuli Beach”. It is a bit smaller and more of a beach with a few different areas to surf. But it also offers a variety of different areas for surfing, so if you have never surfed here before it is a great place to check out.

Maui Beach 

If you love water sports then you may want to check out “Maui Beach”. This is a very popular beach for water sports and you can go surf, snorkel, play volleyball and enjoy the natural beauty that the area has to offer. This is also a good place to relax and enjoy the great sights and sounds of the area.

If you love windsurfing, surfing, and wakeboarding then you can head to Maui for some fun and excitement. Maui is a perfect place for these sports. If you love surfing and wakeboarding, there are many different beaches to choose from. If you are interested in a sport like wakeboarding, you should head to a Maui beach because you can do some serious tricks and stunts on the white sand!

Awesome View 

If you love the ocean, there is a whole wide world of great surfing and sailing spots available on the beautiful islands of Kauai. There are several great places to surf for beginners as well as more advanced surfers and sailors. There are also sailing clubs where you can learn how to sail and enjoy the beautiful sunset while enjoying the beautiful view of the ocean and the surrounding area.

When you visit Hawaii, there are many different places you will be able to visit to enjoy the sights and sounds of the place. There are also many great things to see and do at one of the many local parks. Here you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature while learning to have fun. There are also several different tourist attractions to see in Kauai, including the Polynesian Cultural Center.


You will be able to explore all of the wonderful places on the island of Kauai and explore the Hawaiian culture when you travel to this beautiful place of wonderment. You will get to experience all of the amazing features of the Hawaiian Islands while enjoying a fun-filled vacation.

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