An Alien Planet On Earth

Oregon photographer, preferring landscape photos in his profession. Namely, Andrew Studer did find a way to space. We individuals could reach space without any rocket. Yes!! This is possible. Andrew made it possible. Andrew went to space, namely Space to Roam. Under this banner name. Being an attractive name, people will be keen to know. They will follow and keep up with him on his journey to discover an alien planet. That is the whole idea behind it.

In one of his recent series of photos, he shows the space. This is shown entirely for individuals who wish but cannot travel. He shows the beauty of an astronaut to see such things. He remarks himself as an explorer which belongs to a project under him.

An Alien Planet Here On Earth: Situations And Ideologies
An Alien Planet Here On Earth: Situations And Ideologies

Inspiration For Space To Roam

Andrew has been doing photography as his profession. He is also involved with videos. This has been for the past four years now. But his love for his profession goes beyond. He loves to capture the beautiful scenes of nature.

It is all about that one moment. This one perfect moment for the perfect click. However, Space to Roam is a photo as well as a video. This project is, however, inspired by all the beautiful scenes. The dramatic landscapes of the American Southwest.

After paying a visit to the desert, Andrew felt nothing but like he is on an alien planet. He feels nothing less than a stranger to a place. This place he does not belong to.

How Did You Come Up With The Concept?

An Alien Planet Here On Earth: Situations
An Alien Planet Here On Earth: Situations

Andrew has always been fascinated with creating visuals in other places. In this respect, visuals capture on other planets. This is like a whole new world. This is the best opportunity to experience life other than Earth.

What Is The Significance Of The Space Man?

The only intentions involve with Space to Roam, to click pictures. To gather unique information, make videos and capture the correct moment.

He is not only the subject of his own film. The connection with the viewers will make them realize the beauty of space. It will also help them experience living a life other than earth.

Do You Have Any Plans For A Follow-Up Series?

There will be many editions as per Andrew. The editions to Space to Roam will be captured and filmed.

There are so many places yet to discover. These incredible spots or locations are perfect. They completely suit the theme and interest of the audience.

An Alien Planet: Centre Of Attraction

The only aim is to keep the viewers keen to the shows. This will help the viewers and their audience know the reality. The reality of the place they live in. That is so much so better for a living.

The aim of the project is to basically make the people realize. That the place they live in is worth it. So it is high time we all start valuing it for the good.

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