An Overview of the Evo Ski Sale

evo ski sale

Evo Ski Sale is a ski equipment business that was established in 1985 with two owners, Frank Petracci and Daniel Gruschka. They are both still active in the ski industry today. The company’s main focus is to produce high-quality ski equipment at affordable prices. Its products are designed for adults and children alike and can be used on sloping, terrain or mogul surfaces.

There are many lines of skis produced by this company, which are popular models such as Spectra, K2 Mindbender 85, Elite Echo, and R-rax. To keep your ski gear from ending up in the dumpster, you should consider purchasing these models through to ski sale. Spectra is a full snowboard system featuring a rigid body and a boot with a concave curve. This board offers superior performance and longevity due to its polyester/urethane mix which makes it ideal for all types of skiing conditions.

The Evo Ski Sale

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Elite Echo Features

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Elite Echo features a full-body kit that is specifically designed for all-around enjoyment. It has a higher side cut and a flexible camber for a smooth ride. Spectra k2 press is a high quality pair of boots, which have been designed with a low to medium flex toe. K2 Press boots have a high side cut and come with a finger groove for easier sliding.

Sick Day 88 is another brand of good quality ski equipment from evo ski. The boots have an elan rossignol sole which is also used by Team radix. Sick Day boots come in either black or white. This particular style features a pink midsole and cross toes. The elan rossignol insole has antimicrobial properties that help protect the foot against bacteria and fungi.

Good Collection Of Shoes

If you are looking for a good collection of all-around shoes then you should definitely consider the elite Echo. The collection features mostly black and white variations of the Echo. The range has both the standard black and white models as well as some new models such as the sick k2 mindbender 85, the blizzard rustler 9 and the k2 mindbender 9a which have the all-around feature. The k2 mindbender is a high performance model which is suitable for all levels of skating be it beginner or advanced. The black and white versions of the Echo have toe caps, which are made from a grippy rubber to ensure that there is no slipping and that there be a proper balance and support for the entire foot.

You can also take your pick from the likes of Salomon, K2 and Force 7, which are all excellent products to suit all skaters of all abilities. Force 7 has the strong and classic design while K2 has everything that a skater could want from a great pair of sneakers, most notably a padded midsole that provides excellent shock absorption. You can also look for a special edition Evo Sport Boots at the Evo Ski Sale. These are specially designed with more moisture blocking technology than the average boot and they feature a special outsole that increases grip and reduces flats.

The Force 7 Grey Ops Smashers

The all-around favorite is the force 7 grey ops smashers, which is the latest release in the salomon v-shape collection. The sneaker is constructed with a full foot bed that absorbs the impact of your foot in order to provide supreme comfort and durability. This is the perfect sneaker for those who prefer a comfortable yet rugged design and they have a soft midsole and a rubber outsole to increase lateral stability for supreme grip.

For the truly hardcore there is the black ops smasher, the latest model in the v-shape series. These shoes feature a full-grain leather upper for maximum wear-ability, a tongue liner that is removable, and a dual density sole that is built to absorb impact. The rossignol midsole and outsole work together to offer superior comfort and durability.

Last Words

In addition to all the features mentioned in this pair also include premium suede and quilted leather for a classic look. They also include an elasticated waistband and soft sock liner for a snug fit. So for the true skier there is something for everyone in the force 7 collection from these two leading brands.

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