Aquila Electric Surfboard- What Is So Different About It

aquila electric surfboard

Do you like to freak out about being one with the ocean? But between every surfer and the wave you are catching, you will find a crucial piece of equipment, namely a surfboard.  Surfboards are relatively light but are strong enough to support an individual standing on them while riding an ocean wave. The history of surfing is, in various ways, the history of innovations in surfboard design. Let’s have a look at the content below to explore the Aquila electric surfboard.

Aquila Electric Surfboard

A man carrying a surf board walking on a beach

Spanish company Aquila has introduced a new line of high-speed, electric surfboards, with each one aimed at a different surfing style. Though the concept of powered surfboards is not new and over the years, we have covered quite a few of them, including Power Surfboard and Jetsurf. But somehow, power surfboards have not gained popularity amongst surfing communities, and they are yet to become a common sight on the world’s beaches. However, Aquila’s new line of zippy powered boards is so much fun that any adrenaline junkie can hardly ignore it.

Two Shapes For Different Purpose

A woman standing on a beach holding a surf board posing for the camera

Aquila Boards will shortly begin the equipment production, and they have selected the two new models that they will launch, the Carver and the Manta. The main reason for choosing them has been the tremendous interest you all have shown for these two models through your inquiries. So from Aquila, we want to transmit with a total clarity approach we’re giving to each model and the intent to facilitate a choice for one other.

The Main Objective Is To Glide

Aquila has introduced a product to enjoy speed over water, for the beginning. To make the boards glide has been the main purpose over the entire development, being the most demanding implementation. In Aquila, we are concerned that our turbines can bring to life other kinds of boards that move below the gliding speed. In addition, this board will demand just because of this less power, and we will increase its autonomy up to a few hours.

Electric Implementation

There’re patent publications from more than half a century ago, but there has not been a product that brings this to reality as another sport. Nowadays, it can store the energy density in batteries, and the high power that can deliver clears the path towards applications. Aquila is conscious of the importance of delivering a full board with very simple and accessible maintenance. The total electric option has played a decisive role in obtaining the desired goal.

Final Words

There are various parts to think about when it comes to choosing electric surfboards. The electric surfing board will help you indulge in adventure sports, and you will feel like walking on water. The Aquila surfboard will provide you with the adrenaline rush, and it is one of the most amazing sports experiences you can ever have. The Aquila electric surfboards are lightweight and fast, and they are also portable at the same time.

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