Awesome California Surfing Spots For Every Surfing Lovers

California Surfing Spots

The beaches of California, be it Rincon point in Santa Barbara, the pleasant beaches of San Diego, or the deadly waters of Banzai Pipeline of Hawaii, California, promises a variety of perfect surfing spots for all type of surfers, be the ones searching for pleasant sunny beaches or deadly chilly waves to quench their thirst for adventure and thrills. Surfing is taken so seriously in California that September 20 is celebrated as California Surfing Day there. Here is a list of some best surfing spots of California that all surfers, be it beginners or pros, can try at least once in their lifetimes-

In La Jolla-This beach, the unpredictable Windansea Beach

A body of water next to the ocean

It has been famous in surfing history after the famous surfer Woody Brown first rode in its unpredictable and dangerous waves in 1937. These beach waves are extremely unpredictable due to the differences in the waves’ height ranging from 2 ft. to 10 ft. This unpredictability and thrill attract many master surfers to this place, which attributes to the competitive atmosphere that can be felt on the beach.

The 30 ft. high waves of The Wedge in Newport Beach

A man standing on top of a mountain

These extremely high waves have been rightfully termed as the ‘beast,’ which are formed during south wells. Thus, this beach has been very popular with surfers all over the world for the high levels of adrenaline rush and the challenges it provides.

The mellow waves of Asilomar State Beach in Pacific Grove

The mellow waves of Asilomar State Beach provide perfect waves for beginner surfers’ practice, although sometimes waves can get notorious. Hence, one is suggested to always to check weather conditions before indulging in surfing. And, when one is tired from surfing and needs to take a rest or fuel up energy, one can do so in the beautiful small cafes present on the beach. So Asilomar State beach provides a perfect weekend getaway for adventure seekers as well as those who want to chill in the warm, pleasant sunny beach weather and observe some surfing action.

The classic Pismo Beach

A quintessential beach town with a beach having classic waves in Pismo Beach. Surfing is generally done on both sides of the pier. The waves here are generally calm and perfect for beginner surfers. But in proper conditions, waves are extremely high there, which enables to host qualifying series of World Surf League of Pismo Beach open, which is generally held in October. One could visit the beach in October to enjoy the Surf League or to indulge in some surfing actions themselves.

The natural amphitheater in surfing: Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz

The cliffs at the top of this point provides a perfect amphitheater for watching all the surfing actions below. The waves are generally huge, forming at four breaks below, which only expert surfers can tackle efficiently. Hence, if one is not confident or trained enough to deal with these monstrous waves, one is suggested to stand on the cliffs and enjoy the beautiful and thrilling view of expert surfers gliding gracefully through the notorious waves of Streamer Lane.


Hence, these are some of the beautiful surfing spots in California that one can visit on a quick weekend getaway either to indulge in an adventurous and thrilling surfing experience or just to witness master surfers surfing gracefully through the monstrous waves.

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