Best Surf Accessories Brands

Surf Accessories Brands

There are so many brands selling surfing accessories on the market, that choosing the best one can be tough. You obviously want your money’s worth and do not want to end up buying accessories from lowly brands. Here are some of the best surf accessories brands.

Best Surf Accessories Brands

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This brand manufactures top of the line clothing and accessories that suit every lifestyle. All their clothes are designed keeping in mind high performance and are designed with durable material. Even if you end up spending 24 hours on the beach while surfing, this brand’s clothes will not let you down. Quiksilver Inc. is an American sporting company based in California. It is one of the largest manufacturers of surfwear and other board-sports related accessories.


Billabong is an international surf products manufacturing company that sells clothes, accessories, watches, backpacks, snowboard, skateboard and such other products. It is largely into manufacturing sportswear and casual clothing. Founded in 1973 on Australia’s Gold coast by passionate surfer Gordon Merchant, this brand is now quite big. Surfers around the world were immediately drawn to their good-quality and highly functional boardshorts and boards. Their clothes were made with a unique triple-stitching technique. Today, this brand has firmly carved a niche for itself in the Australian surf culture.


This brand was created with a inner lying deep love and passion for the ocean and its constantly changing state. The owners hailed from a beach culture and started this brand with the idea of facilitating youth dreams. They believe that art and music are two expressions that bind an individual together.


This is a California surf, snow and lifestyle brand that was founded way back in 1952 by a man named Jack O’Neil. He had an avid passion in surfing and used it to fight against Mother Nature. He ventured into manufacturing innovative and functional surfing boards and other accessories. This brand was the first to manufacture neoprene surf wetsuit and board leash. This brand went on to create the world’s first stitchless board shorts. It is currently one of the most rapidly growing youth lifestyle brands in the water. The brand also manufactures innovative board riding products. He values innovation in style and technology and it is with these qualities they continuously create exciting products.


This brand is the brainchild of founder PM Tenore. This brand believes in creating traditional action sports apparel that does not care about passing trends. These brands can be found on the shelves of a local skate shop. The brand is run by a group of like-minded people from different cultures and lifestyles but the same interests. This brand always believed in creating a platform where music, art, fashion, modern lifestyle and such other qualities unite seamlessly.

These are some of the best surf accessories brand that you must know about.

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