Hawaii Surfing Spots

Hawaii is one of the most outstanding surfing destinations for any surfing enthusiasts to be in.

The conditions are optimal all year round and they offer the biggest and most beautiful waves.

Many popular competitions take place there at certain times of the year such as the Menehune Contest, Excel Pro, Buffalo Big Board Contest, Quicksilver Eddi Aikau, and many more.

Whether you are a professional surfer or a novice, Hawaii’s surf spots will be accessible to you.

So don’t let that stop you. . .

Come and challenge the waves and experience great moments on your surfboard.

Below are some of the best surf spots in Hawaii where you can test out your skill.

A group of people riding skis on a lake

You should know that this spot is more dedicated to pros than to beginners.

Indeed, the waves that you’ll meet at Ehukai Beach Park are more or less the responsibility of high-level practitioners.

Also, among the events that would be a shame to miss for surfers is the famous Pipeline Masters.

It will be an opportunity to admire surfing pros from all corners of the world riding the famous Banzai Pipeline, which is an almost perfect cylindrical wave.

Although the sea is calm in summer, it will be in winter that you will encounter the strongest waves due to major storms in the North Pacific.

However, the spot is known to be dangerous during this period. You have to be sure of your skill to venture into this spot.

A person riding a wave on a surfboard in the water

Hookipa Beach is located on the island of Maui, 10 minutes from Paia on the Hana Road.

It is particularly famous for being a windsurfing spot, but also a hot-spot for surfing.

It is among the first surfing spot in the north of this magnificent island. Hookipa has a very good location and can offer waves from winter storms in the Pacific.

This spot is also a favourite spot for top surfers

An ideal spot for travellers who wants to learn to surf, Canoes is truly open to novice surfers.

Canoes is a must-see spot during a stay in Hawaii, Why?

Because It welcomes all surfers throughout the year, including beginners.

You will easily find it as it is right in front of the Hawaiian Hotel Royal.

Did you know. . .

Surfing was previously reserved strictly for Hawaiian royalty.


If you want to learn the basics of surfing, this is where you need to spend time.

The waves offer long walks and well-ordered lefts or rights. Learning to surf in this place is especially favored by the depth of the reef.

This is mainly due to the presence of the sandy bottom of the place, but also to the limited number of corals.

You can also rent a surfboard right there on the beach then set out to conquer the lovely waves of Canoes

Another Hawaii surfing spot that travellers who are big-time fans or enthusiastic surfers should know about is Sunset Beach.

It is one of the exceptional places where it is common to meet for great sliding sessions on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Sunset beach is a beach located on the north coast of the island of Oahu on the Kamehameha Highway in Paumalu.

It is very popular with surfers because of its impressive waves, especially for right-handed people.

This is where the famous O’Neill World Cup of Surfing competition takes place every year.

Although the waves reach is about a meter there, they are hollow and form walls of deep and heavy water.

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