Surfboard Leashes Must Have

If you are a surfer then you’d know the importance of having surfboard leashes. These leashes connect the board to the rider. It is an important safety net that you shouldn’t skip. This will help you stay connected to your board at all times so that you won’t lose your board. The leash also allows you to ride any wave that comes your way by keeping your board close. Here is a list of the best surfboard leashes every surfer must have.

FCS Freedom surfboard leash

This leash is one of the most comfortable ones in the market. It is so comfortable that there will be times when you won’t even notice you are wearing it. It is very lightweight so it won’t distract you as you surf. Another notable thing is that it never gets tangled. It is manufactured with technology that prevents tangles. It also has a feature that prevents the leash from excessive rotations.

Despite its thin stature and lightweight feature, you can still expect this leash to be super strong and durable. This can withstand multiple uses and the strongest of waves before it breaks. This is also very easy to attach and release.

DAKINE John John Florence Kainui 8′ X 1/4′ Surf Leash

This company has spent countless hours in order to arrive at one of the best surfboard leashes in the market. This is absolutely comfortable and in most cases, it feels like it is barely there. You can guarantee that this is strong. It can withstand a pounding and the toughest waves and it will still be there. It has little to no drag so you do not have to worry about this interfering with your performance at the sea. There are even various color options that you can choose from. Go for this if you want the perfect balance between durability and comfort.

Ocean and Earth One-XT Premium Aqua Surfboard Leash – 7′

This product proudly boasts that it is built to last, and that is actually true. Their company is known for producing premium leashes that have more flexibility than the other leases in the market. The extra flexibility will boost your surfing performance and it will improve the comfort of using this.

This has little to no drag in the water. This will not interfere with your performance. You can use this to tackle the biggest of waves and it wouldn’t be a problem. It also comes in an array of colors that you can choose from.

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