Best Surfing Spots In Costa Rica That Are Ideal For Beginners And Experts

surfing spots in costa rica

Costa Rica has the best places for surfing in the whole world. Most of the beaches of Costa Rica are ideal for surfing due to their various characteristics. They can be the best possible place for both beginners and advanced surfers. The climate, the breeze, the calm atmosphere of the beaches of Costa Rica, and the height of the waves, everything seems so appropriate for surfing. The main surfing spots in Costa Rica where you should visit at least once in your lifetime are Tamarindo beach, Espadilla beach, etc. To know more, keep scrolling! These are the various surfing spots in Costa Rica :

● Espadilla Beach :

Surfing Spots

It is one of the famous surfing spots in Costa Rica for beginners. It is the main beach of Manuel Antonio and lies in the Central Pacific region. The high tides in the southern part of the beach can be the best spot for surfers, whereas the northern part of the beach is ideal for advanced surfers because of its conditions.

● Tamarindo Beach:

Surfing Spots

Most of the national surfing competitions of Costa Rica are held in the Tamarindo beach. In recent years, Tamarindo Beach has been modified, and various restaurants and other shops have been Constructed to provide a source of enjoyment to the surfers. The beautification has made the beach a tourist hub, and the popularity is increasing day by day as it has arguably the best atmosphere for surfing.

● Cabo Matapalo:

Cabo Matapalo is one of the finest surfing spots in Costa Rica. It is located in the Osa Peninsula’s southern tip near Puerto Jimenez. Cabo Matapalo has some dependable surf breaks. The tides aren’t too high, so it can be a great opportunity for beginners to practice surfing. Playa Pavones, located on the other side of Gulfo Dulce, also has left-hand surf breaks.

● Jaco Beach:

Jaco beach is smaller than the rest of the surfing spots in Costa Rica. It is a tourist-friendly place where travelers stay for parties. During the low tide, Jaco Beach can be used for surfing, especially for beginners. There are various rentals and lessons available for surfing.

● Hermosa Beach:

Hermosa beach is located to the south of Jaco. It is a hub for advanced and experienced surfers as it is known for the most consistent waves in the country. The beach has a magnificent view and is isolated from the rest of the town.


Costa Rica is itself known for its beaches that provide a great opportunity for the beginner as well as the advanced surfers. However, many factors affect surfing, such as the tides, the current, etc., and most of the beaches, especially Tamarindo and Cabo Matapalo, are some of the main surfing spots in Costa Rica.

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