Best Time For Big Wave Surfing in Southern California

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Every surfer dreams of being on the famous surf beaches all over the world but when they actually get the chance to experience those real life surfing experiences, they are simply amazed. Some of the world’s best surfing spots are located right near Hawaii. If you want to have an equally exciting surfing experience, you should definitely plan your trip to Hawaii and visit the famous surf spots. Here are some of the most famous surf breaks that are found near Hawaii.

Big Wave Surfing in California

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Kona Coast The largest of the famous surf spots in San Clemente is the Kona Coast. This is one of the most southern California surfer’s haven. It offers plenty of opportunities for beginners and experts alike. This surf spot lies in the northern part of San Clemente and is very easy to reach by car or train. The surf school at the Kona Coast is the oldest one in the area and has been in existence for almost twenty years.

Socorro Coast Located in the northern part of Socorro Beach, the Socorro Coast offers a lot of surfers with great opportunities of getting into the perfect water conditions for surfing. This is the only place where you will find three of the best surfing beaches in Southern California. The surf season in the area is mostly between the months of December and April which makes it a popular tourist attraction during winter as well.

Point St. George This is another one of the famous surf spots in Southern California. This beach is located right next to Kona Coast and is popular with surfers during winter and summer. The surf temperature during winter is about six degrees colder than what it is in the other months making this the perfect surf spot for skaters.

Santa Barbara Channel The second largest of the famous surf spots in Southern California is found in the town of Santa Barbara near the Pacific Ocean. The surfing in this area is perfect all year round which makes it popular during winter. The waves reach up to thirty feet high at its highest point. It is also one of the best surfing spots in Southern California for the beginners because there are many opportunities for beginners to learn how to surf.

Grande Island – This is another one of the world surfing’s ultimate destinations. There are several breaks on this Island. It offers several exciting options for surfers of all levels. The best waves are usually around twelve feet high although some areas can reach up to thirty feet.

The Northstar Resort – One of the famous resort in Orange County is located in North Hollywood. This is the main surfing spot in the world and is ideal for both winter and summer seasons. It has a number of options for beginners. Due to the warm climate it makes it perfect for those who want to try surfing in the winter season.

Of course there are other amazing surfing spots in Southern California that are not mentioned here. These are the most popular surfing breaks that are found in Southern California. Some of these include: Laguna Beach, Point St Francis, Huntington Beach, Corona Del Mar, San Diego, Santa Barbara and others.

When it comes to surfing in the winter season the best time to go to Southern California is from late September through March. This is the best time for surfing the north swells. You will find three very famous breaks in this area. They are the Wildcat Creek, Wild Cat Canyon and the Four foot Reef. The best time to go is from late September to early October.

North Carolina State University has a website that provides information about the best times of the year for surf in Southern California. You will find out when the best time of the year for big wave riding in Orange County is. In addition to surfing you will find that the weather is very pleasant during the winter months. You will be able to experience the feeling of cold water on your skin as opposed to the hot weather experienced during the summer months.

End Note

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The North Carolina State University website also has information about the most famous surfing breaks in Southern California. These include Windansea Beach, Sunset Beach, Fig Tree, Black’s Beach, Fort Davis, Boardman, and the Santa Barbara Channel. You will also learn the best time to head to these popular breaks. For more information on the breaks mentioned be sure to visit their respective websites. The North Carolina State University website also provides pictures of the famous surfers at each of the beaches as well as a description of the break.

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