Big Wave Surfing: Big And Huge Surf-Driven

Wave Surfing

Big wave surfing is an extreme sport within surfing wherein professional surfers are towed behind larger waves that are more than twenty feet in height, typically in wind-driven surf boats known as tow boards or guns. The sport was created in California by two experienced surfers who discovered that the huge surf-driven waves were available when the wind was strong enough to push them out into the ocean.

Surfing Enthusiasts

These surfers were not exactly surfing enthusiasts when they discovered these large surfs. Instead, they were involved in construction, and as such, they were able to observe the large waves without the surf-boards. Their first attempts at big wave riding were unsuccessful, but they eventually became aware that if they could surf with the large waves, they could make it to other smaller surf spots that were much further away. They soon discovered that they could easily ride the large waves up and over the ocean floor, into deep blue ocean waters, and even down into the depths of the tropical reefs.

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Big Wave Surfing: Big And Huge Surf-Driven

Surf Boats

The surf boats were originally built for commercial use, but they soon found their way to Southern California. Although these large-sized boats did not have very big engines, they soon developed the ability to reach very high speeds. Eventually, they evolved into the large-scale tow boards used today.

Main Driving Force

Big waves are the main driving force behind most of the big wave surfing in California. The sport can be very dangerous, and many of the time, the surfers are not even prepared for the large waves. Most people who try the sport of big-wave surfing get injured because they do not have the right skills. One of the main factors in sustaining an injury is being unaware of the dangerous area where the waves are located.


Many times these water waves travel up and over ashore. They then break through the seaward wall of the beach in an area known as a break. These break locations can be anywhere from one foot deep to several feet deep. They are generally more dangerous than the original large surf-waves. Often the surfers who attempt them get caught up in the enormous waves and injured.

Massive Surfs

Big wave surfing is not for everyone. If you are not experienced in the water and if your body is not built for the massive surfs, you might end up in serious injury if you try this sport. If you are unable to handle the high-speed water, you might not survive the experience as it is a very dangerous sport.

Feel The Power: Wave Surfing

Also, some people do not see big waves for what they are. When they go up into these big water waves, they can feel the power. It can lead to some pretty bad burns. They may also be frightened by the large waves and their inability to swim as they cannot keep up with the fast-moving waves. This fear can often lead to injuries. In most cases, people need to be taken to hospital in an ambulance.

Enjoying The Sports

It can be said that the sport of big wave surfing originated in Southern California, but it has now spread across the country. It can be very dangerous. If you are interested in going out on a surf boat and enjoying this sport but cannot handle the pressure of the surf, you will not survive. You need to be a very determined individual to handle these waves.

Ability To Enjoy: Wave Surfing

The great thing about surfing the waves is the ability to enjoy it. If you are an adrenaline junkie and like to jump in the water and do crazy stunts, you can make this a great activity to enjoy. Though there is a lot of danger involved, the risk factor does not outweigh the excitement.

Very Dangerous: Wave Surfing

Big wave surfing can be very dangerous if you are not careful. But the good news is that there is always another way to do it, and you can get out to the ocean and enjoy it. In a different way, or you can take classes to learn how to surf.

Frist Attempt At Big Wave Riding
Big Wave Surfing: Big And Huge Surf-Driven

Final Words

Big wave surfing can be very fun and exciting. But it can be dangerous, especially if you are not ready for the large surf-waves. It is very important to realize all the dangers before trying the sport.

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