Carpet For Kids Room Universe Design

Carpet For Kids Room Universe Design

With this carpet, your kids can have fun in their room. This carpet comes with colorful universe designs like planets, sun, moon, and rockets. Besides, little boys, as well as girls, will definitely love this carpet and they want to have this carpet in their room. Carpet gives us pleasure when we step on. Whenever we take a step on the carpet. Our feet will feel comfortable and warm when we take a step on it. Similarly, it is good to have a carpet. Because it protects your floor from getting damaged.  And it also protect us from slipping down the floor too. This carpet can also protect from the spoilage of delicate materials. When we have fall something on the ground by mistake.

The material used in making this carpet is made up of 100% polyester. It is lightweight too. This carpet is perfect for your children. During the winter season, it protects our feet by keeping warm and cozy. 

Carpet For Kids Room Universe Design

Kids will surely enjoy this carpet to have in their room. Boys will mostly love this carpet. Because it has the design of a planet and rocket on it. This carpet is available in 4 different designs that have a universe theme on it. The planets are in different colors along with a black background thereby making it cute and beautiful. Children will imagine that they are in space by looking into the carpet. This carpet is available in 5 different sizes. You can choose which suits you the most so that it perfectly fit in the area where you want to have a carpet on it.

Soft And Comfortable Feel

Having this carpet will give you more fun. The material used in this carpet is soft and warm. Similarly, this carpet has a thin foam inside which makes it more softer. Now your children can play in this carpet freely. Without worrying that your children’s cloth will get dirty while playing on the floor. It also protects your child from getting hurt from the hard floor surface. They will love to have carpet, especially in the bedroom. You can also place the carpet in the Living room as well as other room in the house.

The dimension of the carpet is about 40 x 60cm (16 x 24in) / 50 x 80cm ( 20 x 32in) / 60 x 90 cm (24 x 36 in) / 100 x 150cm ( 40 x 60in) / 120 x 80cm. Thickness is around 15mm. It is also water-resistant too. It is flexible as well as durable. You can easily fold and store it while not in use. It doesn’t take much space. You can also use this for various purposes like exercise, playing and many more. You can also wash the carpet in the machine also. 

It is a must-buy product. Your little ones will absolutely love this carpet because of its universal design. It is also ideal to gift to children. It is lightweight as well as long-lasting.

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