Scientists: Climate Change

Climate Change And The Role Of Scientists

Climate is changing very frequently, which is causing natural calamities very often. Scientists around the world are worried about how to control the rising temperature of the earth. Scientists around the world are researching in finding out ways through which they can control the melting of glaciers in Antarctica. During the Paris meeting in 2015, many countries around the world agreed to limit the carbon footprint. According to Paris, meet if the global temperature rises more than 1.5 degrees Celsius than there will be severe repercussions. There are various instances where seen floods, heavy unseasonal rainfall.

Climate Change And The Role Of Scientists
Climate Change And The Role Of Scientists

Scientists & Paris Agreement

The scientist is finding various ways through which they can predict such calamities. According to the Paris agreement, if there is an increase of 1.5 degrees Celsius rise in the earth’s temperature, it will lead to extreme weather and growth in the sea level. If the temperature rises more than 2 degrees, we will witness the melting of the Antarctic as well as polar ice faster. If the rise in the heat is more than 4 degrees, then it will lead to mass human extinction, desertification of land.

However, scientist argues that for a standard individual, it doesn’t alarm the bell if someone says that earth is going to be 1.5 degrees warmer. People assume that that won’t affect us much. However, Scientists, through profound studies, Scientists are asking for collective effect and constructive vision to tackle this problem as this relates to the entire future.

Various Metrics Used By Scientists To Measure Climate Change

However, the scientist believes that the entire debate of climate change based on a single parameter, i.e., the rise in the global temperature.  The surface temperature is one of the fundamental aspects of it. They have estimated that the government will be spending huge in the catastrophe caused by climate change. The scientist is also monitoring how humans are reacting to changes in the climate. Metrics such as the area of desertification per year, Number of cows per year. All these are a factor which is intensely monitored to understand the extent of climate change.

The scientist is also giving measures on how to stop the change in climate change. They are advising people and the government to spend more on renewable energy, Conservation of food, population control. They are devising ways through which they can stop deforestation, alternative methods of the dependence of fossil fuels. The scientist also believes the role of society in curbing climate change and the after-effects of it.

Climate Change And The Role Of Scientists
Climate Change And The Role Of Scientists


Climate change is a global phenomenon that is affecting everyone equally. There are ample instances where it is evident that there is a direct impact such as floods,  hurricanes, heavy rainfall, which have displaced human and caused havoc. Scientists, however, do believe that we can limit climate change if we follow the path of sustainable development like less depending on fossil fuel, conserving our trees, following eco-friendly practices with the way we do our business. If these things are collectively by all the global citizens, then definitely we can together fight climate change.

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