Cold Water Surfing Gear – Get Ready For An Incredible Experience

cold water surfing gear

Cold water surfing can be a great way to get some exercise while you’re on vacation. Cold water surfing is becoming more popular as surfing competitions continue to grow in popularity. Cold water surfing can be challenging because you have to be much more careful while surfing when it’s chilly outside. If you want to learn how to cold water surf, there are some things that you should take the time to consider.

First of all, you will need the proper cold water surfing gear. This gear is made especially for the cold water environment that is found at many of the surfing beaches around the world. Cold water surfboard gear includes wetsuits, jackets, boots, gloves, and helmets. The kind of clothing you wear will depend on where you are going to be surfing. However, if you are planning on learning to cold water surf, then you will need the same kind of gear that you would wear while surfing indoors.

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One thing to consider with cold water surfing gear is how warm it is. Surf clothing tends to be thicker than normal clothing so that they keep the body warmer. These kinds of clothing also have pockets sewn into them so that you can carry supplies with you such as a camera or surf board. Surf boards can weigh quite a bit depending on the size, and you don’t want to lose your board when you are down in the water.

When you are cold water surfing, you want to make sure that you are wearing some sort of helmet. This will help protect the hair and the eyes from being damaged from the cold water. You will also want to wear wetsuits that are waterproof in case the water gets too cold. It’s important that your wetsuit acts as waterproof protection to the body while the rest of you is just wet. If the wetsuit isn’t waterproof then you are going to end up getting very cold, wet, and cold which is not what you want to experience when you are surfing in cold water.


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Sunglasses are an important part of your equipment as well. Your eyes need to be protected against the sun, and the glare from the water. This will also help to protect the skin around the eyes from damage as well. Make sure that you choose sunglasses that are good quality glasses so that they will provide the protection that you need.

Windsurfing is a sport that is enjoyed by many different people. It requires you to wear special windsurfing gear to prevent the blades of your board from being bent out of shape. This can lead to injury, and it is possible to get banned from using the sport. If you are found to be using illegal equipment, then you will be sanctioned by your association and could lose your membership. Be sure to wear only approved windsurfing gear when you are using cold water.


Another piece of windsurfing equipment that you will need is a board. Boards are made for both freestyle and backflow surfing. If you choose to do freestyle surfing, then you will need a board with a wide tail, but there are other features that you may want to consider if you choose to do backflow surfing. You need to know the type of waves that you will be facing and you need to choose a board that has a good amount of flexibility to allow you to stay on top of the waves.


The coldest water you have in the ocean, the more you will need to use special cold water surfing gear. To stay safe in the ocean, you need to wear all the protective gear that you can wear. There is no other way to experience the thrill that cold water surfing offers, without using every piece of gear that you can get your hands on.

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