Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard

efoil electric hydrofoil surfboard

Electric Hydrofoil is a relatively new concept and was originally developed for commercial water sports in Europe. It uses the same principles of buoyancy that are found with the conventional inner tube style boards. Hydrofoils are generally used on smaller, more shallow water bodies such as oceans and rivers. They are great for this because you can get into deeper water with less effort and still be able to ride high.

An Overview

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These types of boards can be obtained in many different sizes depending on what your needs and desires are for surfing. If you are just starting out learning to surf, you will want to choose a board that is going to accommodate this. The length of your actual surfing experience can be shortened with a EFOIL board. You don’t have to be a professional surf instructor to learn how to surf one. It takes some time to develop your surfing skills but it can be done.

Electric Foam board is made of much more durable materials than their traditional foam counterparts. There are no more layers of thick foam glued onto the boards to make them extra durable. There is actually foam used in place of traditional foam layers that can be found on many other styles of surfing boards. The real reason to use FOIL surfboards instead of other varieties is because they are much more lightweight. They are also much less expensive than the traditional boards.


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With EFOILs you do not have to remove the foam when you are finished surfing. Instead, all you have to do is soak up the water from underneath and rinse off the excess with a sponge. The material does not retain much water and you will find yourself swimming in a puddle after each wave. This makes the board work very well for beginners who are just learning to ride and have not developed their body yet to take off into the deeper waters.

Electric boards do not give off much drag. As a result, they can be used in and around more difficult spots that foam based surfboards cannot be used in. You can go out and surf down hills that you would never dream of riding on a foam based board. These boards are also made of much lighter materials so they will not feel like they are dragging your body down the water. They also make it easier for you to put the board on and take it off because you will not be weighed down by anything.

Best Features

When using a EFOIL board in deeper water, you will notice that you do not get as much wave action as you would with a traditional surfboard. However, that is okay because there are other attributes to be aware of with these boards. First of all, they do not give off much wake. This is great for beginners who do not want to try to catch large swells. They will only experience strong waves on these types of boards when they are set up for deep diving or surfing.

The biggest drawback of EFOIL electric boards is that they are not as fast as traditional boards. However, this can be remedied by using them at slower water speeds. They also tend to take longer to reach their destination. You will not be able to get into the air as quickly either. You will be limited in what type of tricks you can perform.


Also, since these boards can only go down so much water before they run out, it makes it necessary for you to practice moving through the water quickly and efficiently if you want to go as fast as possible. If you cannot handle speed and if you are used to other types of surfboard you may have a harder time trying to get up to full speed in shallow water. Overall, these are good boards for anyone who wants to experience a fun, exciting sport that they can participate in for a few hours. It will not last long but the ride will be great.

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