Essential Components Of Tow Surfing Gear

Tow Surfing Gear

Out of the many adventurous, exciting, and energizing sports, surfing has its stand. When it comes to tow surfing, things scale up to a higher level than normal. Tow surfing was born as a result of the surfer’s curiosity of exploring higher and thrilling waves of the sea. Tow surfing is very popular and an extremely loved sport by pro-surfers. But like any other adventure sport, this one also requires some essential tools for ensuring good and safe surfing. Here are some essential components of tow surfing gear.

Surfboard – Basic Tow Surfing Gear

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The primary need for surfing will be the surfboard itself. However, when it comes to tow surfing, the requirements for the surfboard surpass the ordinary levels. The sport involves a movement through large and powerful waves and as such requires the use of larger surfboards. Tow surfboards have a length ranging between 5’5” and 6’2” and have a wider nose and tail to favor more stability.


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Fins are really important as they serve as the wheels in a car. They make the way for the board in the water. In the case of tow surfing, the fins require more strength and complex design than normal which makes them important in tow surfing gear. These design types include double-fin, quad-fin, and thrusters.

Leashes – Safety Equipment For Tow Surfing Gear

Surfing high and dangerous waves will require the surfers to ensure their safety. As such surfing boards have leashes that are their primary line of security. Leashes are rope-like things that are attached at one end of the board and tied at the other end to the surfer. They help the surfers to get back to the boat in case he gets washed away by the waves.


As you go deeper into the sea area to catch the stronger waves, it starts to get colder than on the shore. Therefore, wetsuits are meant for keeping the surfers warm while they enjoy their surf. They are available in options to choose from based upon the water temperature. They have a thickness that ranges between 2mm and 4/3 mm.

Surfing Wax

Gripping is one of the important aspects required for surfing. To ensure good grip over the smooth surface of the surfboard, surfers massage a layer of special wax included in the tow surfing gear. This wax makes the area surface waterproof and provides for a more sustainable grip for the feet.

Surfing Earplugs

Tow surfers have to face extremely cold and icy winds that accompany the deep sea waves. These waves cause the surfers to suffer from “Surfer’s ear” syndrome which is extremely painful. To avoid such a situation, surfers wear surfing earplugs that insulate the inner parts of the ear from the cold air outside.


Tow surfing can be extremely enjoyable but the necessary safety must be kept in mind. The essential equipment in a tow surfing gear, therefore, provide for the necessary security, assuring protection from the risk involving situations that accompany the sea waves.

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