Features Sun Protection, Quick Drying and for Maintaining the Best Conditions in and Out the Water!

Finding the right attire while swimming can be difficult though. Especially while swimming inside a pool can cause rashes to the body as it contains chlorine to keep the water clear. Female bodies are more prone to get rashes than men because of their sensitivity. This product can be your saviour while you enjoy some time under the water. With so many options available in the market, it can get a bit confusing to select which one to buy. But there are some clear benefits which make sure that this is the product you should invest your money on.

About This Product

Regular swimmers or women who swim often are exposed to harmful UV rays. No matter how much sunscreen you apply, it’s always good to have that extra protection. The long sleeve rash guard is comfortable to wear and provides extra protection from UV rays. Sometimes the water really gets cold but not to worry as this one helps to keep you warm inside the water. The long sleeve rash guard is made out of materials such as nylon, polyester, spandex.

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Pros Of Long Sleeve Rash Guard For Women

  • The best and most important quality of this product is that it protects the skin from harmful UV rays while swimming. It comes with long sleeves which also keeps the skin covered and the packaging includes a rash guard. Basically, it’s a perfect thing to wear while going for a swim.
  • If you think this amazing product will cause a hole in your pockets then you are wrong. This will just cost you between $24.84- $27.02 . Swimwear is something that people buy once so that it can last them for years. 
  • Moving around comfortably inside the water is a difficult task in general and especially when you are wearing something baggy or loose. This product allows you to move freely underwater as it has a tight fit.
  • Nobody wants to wear unattractive outfits these days, women are even more particular about this fact. The product completely takes the shape of your body, making it look appealing and nice.
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Cons Of Long Sleeve Rash Guard For Women

This particular item has no specific cons as such to be mentioned actually. Although, if you are someone who is looking for too many variations, you might not find them as it comes in only one design though that is quite classy and attractive. 


Finding the right attire while going for a swim can be tricky and sometimes even difficult. But here comes the long sleeve rash guard for women as a lifejacket (pun intended). If you don’t want to invest in swimwear that will burn your pockets then this one’s for you. Materials used in making this product are also of good quality and help you to be comfortable and free inside the water.  

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