Surfing World Champions

The Greatest Surfing World Champions To Have Ever Surfed

Surfing is a sport that goes beyond the definition of simple sporting games. It is emotion, it is religion, and, it sure is among the most challenging of all sporting events. To ride a wave means to be able to dance with one of the most ruthless forces of nature. Unlike how many expresses, there is no taming the wave. You have got to go with the flow and stay in tune with its every note, or, you will be washed away. However, time and again, there emerge those surfers who awe us all with their skills. It seems they were born to surf, they were born to rule the waves. Today we will check out some of the greatest surfing world champions to have ever surfed.

The Greatest Surfing World Champions To Have Ever Surfed
The Greatest Surfing World Champions To Have Ever Surfed

Surfing World Champions – Kelly Slater

A face well known in many households, thanks to the famous series Baywatch, Kelly Slater, enacting the character of Jimmy Slade in the TV series, is among the greatest surfers in modern times. Kelly started surfing at just the age of six, and at 11years of age, he started winning consecutive championship titles, shooting his career graph up and beyond everyone.

By the time Kelly entered the world of professional surfing at 18years of age, he was already looking like an invincible surfer. Following the Rookie of the Year award in 1991, he went on to rule the surfing world with World Title wins in 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1999. There was a brief gap till 2002 when Slater re-entered the world of surfing and kept breaking every record up until 2011.

Today, Slater is one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world of surfing, with his Slater Wave Pool, which is an engineering and scientific designing breakthrough that can create the longest rideable man-made waves in the world.

Surfing World Champions – Rob Machado

If surfing is an art, Rob Machado is certainly one of the finest artists. Considered one of the most stylish surfers out there, Rob is more than mere style and beauty, having 12 World Championship Titles and a Pipeline Masters Title to his name, the latter being won at the cusp of the millennia.

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Rob is one of the finest surfers with a golden heart. Anyone and everyone who have ever come across him describes him as the best person they have ever met. While his thick Aussie accent led him to speech classes after his parents moved to Cardiff, California in 1977, his smooth surfing actions earned him the nickname of Mr. Smoothy.

Currently, the Rob Machado Foundation in Southern California is host to some of the greatest beach events in the region.

Duke Kahanamoku – One of the best
World Surfer

Also known as The Duke, Kahanamoku is one of the earliest known surfers in the global circuit. A three-time Olympic Gold Medalist freestyle swimmer from Hawaii, he was also the one who brought surfing to the world, which was only popular and known in Hawaii till then.

During his many tours, Kahanamoku demonstrated surfing in Sydney in 1914. In 1925, he singlehandedly rescued eight men in California from fishing vessels, using nothing but a surfboard, that led to the U.S. Lifeguards to start using surfboards for rescue.

One of the pioneers in the world of surfing, we owe it to this legend for the popularity this sport has today.

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