History of Jet surf


The Jet Surf is a hydrofoil-based watercraft that allows its rider to skim across the water on a cushion of air with speeds up to 60 miles per hour. It has the ride characteristics of an actual surfboard, allowing riders to carve and perform simple aerials. They are currently sold in over 20 countries worldwide, including Russia, China, Germany, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Italy, and many more.

The inventor of the Jet Surf is Ian Bruce.


Jet surf

The idea for the first hydrofoil watercraft started in 1992 after a friend who had just purchased an “Aqua Jet” suggested that it would be possible to ride on air. At the time, Ian had grown tired of regular surfing as it had become overcrowded with many dangerous rips and currents. He wanted to find something that would be fun, fast, and safe.

After 3 years of perfecting his first prototype Hydrofoil Surfboard in his parent’s garage at home in Oz, he moved his operation to the USA.

Bruce founded JetSurf LLC in 2002 to design and manufacture the first wave-riding hydrofoil, which was launched at the International Water Sports show held in Orlando. The company grew organically through word of mouth, internet marketing, and product placements in movies such as Iron Man 2 (2010), Life of Pi (2012), and the Bourne Legacy (2012), as well as television shows such as Baywatch Hawaii, etc.

In May 2012, JetSurf LLC announced a full-on assault of the US market with an aggressive marketing campaign aimed at both wakeboarders and surfers.

Jet Surf Expands to Europe:

Jet surf

In May 2015, Jet Surf Europe was created to fulfill the growing number of international orders, which had surpassed their US and AU counterparts in previous years.

Jet Surf has received endorsements from several well-known athletes such as Laird Hamilton, Jack Johnson, and Ben Wilson.

They also have a large celebrity following with A-list Hollywood actors and musicians who ride them including Jason Statham, Adrian Grenier, and Dave Stewart.

Bruce has stated that he will continue to release new models every year with the plan of releasing a smaller model for children in 2018.

Jet Surf Model Range:

Qty 1 – Pro Series (14ft) – £10,000 (2013)

Qty 2 – Deluxe Series (12ft) – £7,000 (2013)

Qty 1 – Pro Series (11ft) – £6,500 (2015)

Qty 2 – Deluxe Series 6ft 6inch “Short Board” Hydrofoil Surf-Foil Board – £3,400 (2015)

Jet Surf Europe currently has 4 models in their range. These are the “Jet Surf 11”, the “Deluxe 6ft 6inch Shortboard” and two Pro Series 13ft boards – the “Pro Jet Surf” and the “Deluxe Pro 13”.

Number of Units:

Qty: 1 (12 ft) Deluxe Series Hydrofoil Bubble-Jet Surfboard. (November 2015)

Qty: 1 (13 ft) Pro Series Hydrofoil Bubble-Jet Surfboard. (October 2015)

Location: West Sussex, England, UK.

Price: £2,200 (October 2015)


Jet Surf is very expensive. It’s an extremely niche product, which has qualities that appeal to a small number of people. It could make the perfect gift for someone who has everything. It really is the “must-have” gift for 2016.

There are very few retail outlets that sell Jet Surfboards in the UK, so it’s best to buy them directly from Amazon or online. As you can see from our article there are many different models available ranging from £500 – £2,200.

The cheapest board on the market is currently the “Jet Surf 11” which can be purchased for around £500. The most expensive model at the moment is the “Qty 1 – Pro Series (14ft) – £10,000 (2013)” which was originally released in 2013 and due to its high initial price has since dropped in value significantly.

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