Surf Beach: How Far Surfside?

How Far Is Surfside Beach From Myrtle Surf Beach?

For people who love traveling to surf beach, the surfside beach is nothing short of heaven. But as we visit Myrtle Beach, we often end our surf beach trip there. Surfside beach is one of the most beautiful places you can visit on this planet. The small town is loved because of its fantastic location and great hospitality. So how far is this town from Myrtle Beach? Let us know more about the same.

Here we look at different ways in which you can reach the surfside beach with ease. But make sure that you check for uncontrollable factors like traffic and climate before you start your journey.

How To Reach The Amazing Surf Beach By Road?

How Far Is Surfside Beach From Myrtle Surf Beach?
How Far Is Surfside Beach From Myrtle Surf Beach?

If you decide to drive your way from the Myrtle surf beach to the surfside beach, then you can reach their pretty quickly. Both the places are pretty close to each other. Myrtle Beach isn’t any less beautiful, but if you want an out of the world experience, it is better to visit the famous surfside beach. You can reach by road to this fantastic surf beach in just 15 minutes.

The distance between both beaches is only 8 miles of 13 KM. And if there is no traffic, you will reach there in just 15 minutes. But make sure that you check for the traffic before you leave. You will have to drive non-stop for the duration.

Though the trip will be concise, it will be nothing less than mad fun. You can choose to stop along the way to the surfside beach and enjoy and explore various local areas. 

Flying To Your Favorite Beach

If you are someone who does not want to ride on a car and prefers to fly, you can choose this route. If you have a private jet and you want to reach the surfside beach while enjoying the beauty of the same from the top, you have to choose this way. You can fly in a straight line right from the top of Myrtle Beach to the astonishing surfside beach.

How Far Is Surfside Beach From Myrtle Surf Beach?
How Far Is Surfside Beach From Myrtle Surf Beach?

The distance is just 12 KM which equals to around 8 Miles. The flight duration will be around half an hour. Though it will take longer than a car drive it is much better if you want to enjoy the view from the top.

The flight time is shorter than the driving time. But if you consider the takeoff and the landing duration it takes a more extended period. Yes, it is an extremely short flight for you to take a trip, but it surely is worth it.

And if you do not have the option of a car, it is the best way. And you can also take the commercial flight. But there you will have to go to the local airport and go through security and checking which will consume a lot of time. And thus it is not at all feasible.

If you want to enjoy the local beauty, it is better that you travel by road. In this way not only you will be able to cherish the scenery but also have a fantastic experience.

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