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Interesting California Surf Spots To Experience Surfing On This Vacation

Surfing has been a part of the Californian lifestyle for a long time. Most of the people who go to California plan to surf. If you are new to the city and don’t know any good California surf spots to unleash the surfer in you, then this list will help you. These spots offer a very captivating experience for the surfers.

Here are the best California surf spots that you shouldn’t miss.

Huntington Beach, Orange County

Orange County can be considered as the cultural center of the surfing world. It possesses the one of a kind surfing theme which makes it the perfect place to surf. For most of the surfers out there, Huntington Beach has been the favorite surfing spot. The stores in this county also focus on surfers more. There is a surfing walk of fame which is established to honor some of the top surfers. Their names are engraved on granite. The surfer’s hand and footprints are also stored in their memory in this walk of fame.

Apart from Huntington Beach, there are so many other places where you can go on surfing. You can either watch pro surfers tackling the sea or do it by yourself. Either way, you will have a lot of fun in Orange County.

Interesting California Surf Spots To Experience Surfing On This Vacation
Interesting California Surf Spots To Experience Surfing On This Vacation

Malibu California Surf Spot

Malibu is a star-studded city as so many athletes, and stars live in these oceanfront homes and enjoy the beach view. There are so many beaches in Malibu which are perfect for the visitors. Malibu Pier, Surfrider Beach, Zuma beach, Point Duma beach are the most famous places crowded by the visitors. You can go there and enjoy surfing. Malibu is a place where you can do some other adventurous activities like hiking, etc. This place is a mixture of several activities which will leave you to spellbound at the end.

Interesting California Surf Spots To Experience Surfing On This Vacation

San Diego California Surf Beach

San Diego County is one of the most prominent counties for the surfers. If you have a look at this beach, you will always see the surfers. There are so many surfers who love handling the sea in San Diego and people from various parts of the world also visit is to enjoy the pleasant surfing experience.  Bird’s Surf Shed is one place where you will get to experience the world of surfing. From hanging surfing boards on all the walls to streaming surfing movies, this place is nothing less than a haven for the surfers.

The California Surf Museum will teach you the history of surfing. You will get a different experience at this beach. There are so many board shops in this County with the best quality boards.

New Port Beach

New Port Beach is another interesting California surf spot that you cannot miss. This place is perfect to surf for the advanced surfers. The curls, waves and everything here are so complete that you will enjoy surfing a lot. You will find people of all ages in this beach surfing.

These are some of the famous California surf spots that every surfing love should visit at least once.

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