Get To Know The World Surfing League -

Get To Know The World Surfing League

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The season of world surf league 2019-2020 is fast approaching, so are you ready to plan out your WSL surfing? We, know you might be pretty excited as the game offers a lot of fun both for men and women. Well, if you are new in the game, don’t be shy about how will you do and so on! As it is one of the most accessible games to learn if you know a bit of surfing.

What the major fun in world surf league is that what happens in the big wave is insane and you won’t miss out this game for anything. The people who plan out the world surf league are counted as crazy too! As they are the ones, which stay on land while the competitors ride on the giant waves washing them by off.

Know everything about the world surf league
Know everything about the world surf league

Here’s Everything You Must Know About The Big World Surf League!

Know everything about the world surf league
Know everything about the world surf league

World Surf League – The Call

During the surf league or we can say as the big wave season, the managing team continually monitors and tracks on the array of big storms that cross to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The stores control with the helping partner, the surf line. The managing team of the world surf league makes sure that each contestant’s safety measure throughout surfing. So, consistency of a minimum of 25 feet of the wave taken in call throughout the competition. In the case where tide and high wind comes into the play, then the call part also enters into a change.

Yellow alert: If a massive wave or tide comes towards the contest location according to the local weather conditions. Also, competition may go on by moving for a yellow alert that is posted four days from the potential run date of the event.

Green alert: The green alert in this game means that the wave tour event is on and is going to run in its potential run data and time.

Event Format

The surf league in men’s and women’s division has 24 competitions. Thus, they further divided into the four heads that play between the six surfers in the very first round. Well, the possible turnaround time of each surfer is 45 minute, and the time may go above as many waves they wish to roll in. For best surfer in the game to be known, all the competitors best streams count. After this, the judges make a decision the winner on a scale of 1 to 10. And, the highest scored surfer gets an advance on their semi-finals. The final heat is conduct in an hour length.

The Winning Format

In the game, the contestants are awarded based on their positions. The size coefficients rating on their best wave takes as an added extra point who have experienced a massive tide or wave. After this, when the final event is completed all the points in each game scored by the surfer are calculated. In the end, the surfer who bags the highest number wins the title of world surf league.

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