Learn To Surf Like A Pro: Surfing

A man carrying a surf board walking on a beach

The high roars of the waves, the rise and fall motion of the tides have always created a sense of amazement among we humans. In recent years it has become one of the most favorite sports for everyone. Riding those waves with a surfboard has been an exciting sport for men. Surfing has become the new pastime sport for many. Nowadays we see people using surfing and surfing therapy for treating disease and waves for well being of individuals. 

Learn How To Surf Like A Pro
Learn How To Surf Like A Pro

Standing over the surfboard and being able to move along with the waves is like a new trend. The feeling the surfer gets in this sport is unbeatable. The feeling the surfer gets when he rides over those waves for the first time is one of the best things he can ever experience. It always a thrill to walk over water. The duration of each surfing is for about a few seconds but the experience that the riser feels is for a lifetime. Surfing is very addictive, it’s a very different sport from tennis and football. It is one of the most sports ever invented. There are a million people around the world who are into surfing these days. 

Surfing is like an adrenaline rush, it races our heart and blood. It is one hell of an experience that no-one can ever forget in their life. So, if you want to enjoy your life fullest you should learn how to surf.

Some Interesting Facts About Surfing

  • Surfing is one of the oldest sports on earth. It dates back 5000 years ago, where people in Chan Chan, Peru were showing interest in this newfound water sports.
  • The first surfing competition was held in 1928 in California. 
  • Surfing can be of two types- longboard surfing and shortboard surfing. Shortboard surfing is more difficult that longboard surfing. 
  • Kelly Slater holds the record of earning the highest in surfing. He earned about 3 million dollars in the year 2009. He has been the champion for nine times
  • The single longest ride anyone has ever taken was for 37 minutes in the Amazon River.
  • When the surfer goes under the wave he can not go left or right, he can only move forward in a straight line. This is called getting barreled. 
Learn How To Surf Like A Pro
Learn How To Surf Like A Pro

Learn To Surf

  • The first thing that we all must learn in surfing is learning how to catch the waves. Waves play a crucial role if we fail to understand the waves we won’t be able to learn surfing.
  • The second thing is standing on the surfboard. First, go with the flow of the waves then slowly start standing on the board. We all must keep one thing in mind is never hurry. Surfing requires a lot of patience so its important that we have some patience. Learn to float before you stand on the board.
  • Positioning is also very important when we are surfing, position yourself in such a way that you won’t lose balance.
  • Once you have mastered all these steps then start showing your skills and move your boat side to side to make it more fun.
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