Popular Surf Spots Of The World

Best Places For Surfing Location In Philippines

Finding popular surf spots depends on what you consider the best. But there are some that it would be tough to argue. However, if you are asking about surfing nations, it would have to be many. Moreover, the list includes the U.S., Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, Morocco, Spain/France, Fiji, Mexico, and possibly Chile.

Popular Surf Spots Of The World
Popular Surf Spots Of The World

Commonly Accepted ‘Popular Surf spots’

  • Pipeline: On the North Shore of Oahu, Hawai’i, Pipeline is the world’s most famous wave, and possibly the best. It’s thought of as a left, but there is a right called Backdoor as well. While it may look super-crowded, don’t fool yourself. Only a few of those surfers are catching any waves. Moreover, it takes years to work your way up the pecking order before the locals let you have a good one.
  • Bells Beach: its location is Near Torquay, Victoria, in Australia. The world’s only surf-specific public park-ey type place, according to them, is this. It has A long right-hand pointbreak with Epic wave.
  • Skeleton Coast: This is a crazy left barrel in Namibia (or Nambia if your initials are DJT and you’re a fucking moron). This spot is dangerous and uncrowded (read empty for hundreds of miles in every direction).
  • Teahupoo (pronounced Cho-pooh) in Fiji is a veritable slab, as is Puerto Escondido in Mexico. Both are entertaining as hell to watch, and make a list.
  • Indonesia has hundreds of epic spots. There are virtually thousands of islands. Also, it blasts from almost any swell direction.
  • Mundaka in Spain is an epic wave, and one of the most beautiful places.
  • Trestles are over-rated. However, some people would pick it. In all honesty, Blacks Beach, which 45 mins away is a better spot.
  • Jeffreys Bay, in Capetown, is a long righthander. However, it can be sharky as hell. Still, it is always worth the trip.
  • Jaws, Waimea, Mavericks, Cortez Banks, Shipsterns Bluff are all world-class big wave spots. If you are asking this question and are over about 12 years old, you will also never surf them. But they’re fun to watch YouTube videos.
  • One of the favorite spots, although 99.99% of the surfing world won’t know about it, it is deeper in Southern Baja. We won’t say what first name it has. Its name is after a cute little animal you are unlikely to see and rhymes with a Mexican insult. That’s all the clues you are getting there.
Popular Surf Spots Of The World
Popular Surf Spots Of The World

Famous Surf Spot For Beginners

Padang Padang is useful once you know how to stand up on the board but are still 100% a beginner. Just ask the lifeguard if they think it’s right beginner surfing conditions. However, the wave can be big sometimes, and the bottom is rocky. So you need not go too big, nor too small to have fun here. The major downside in the lifeguard is the only board rental on the beach. You can have a blast !!

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