Portugal Surfing Spots- Best Places For Your Adrenaline Rush

Portugal Surfing Spots

Are you in love with the activity of surfing? Do you adore the exhilarating experience that you can have on the pristine beaches? Did you know that there are numerous unique spots in Portugal where you can surf most fantastically? The big waves will sweep you off your feet, and you cannot afford to miss the awesomeness at all. If you plan to book your trip to Portugal, then these are the spots that you just cannot miss. So why not check them out?

Viana Do Castelo-Portugal Surfing Spots

A man riding a wave on a surfboard in the water

Viana is a charming town that you can find by the seaside, and it is located on the Northside of the Portugal. The view is fantastic, and you can get a panoramic view of the entire coast. The prominent surfing spot that you can find here is the Cabedelo Beach, and the waves are not too strong. Therefore you, as a beginner can try this spot for sure. It is also suitable for the intermediates who want to practice earlier to the big waves. It is also a perfect spot for the day trip, and you can taste the local seafood, which is extremely tasty.


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This beach is situated in Porto, and all the people here come to learn the art of surfing. This city has been able to attract numerous surfers worldwide and not only the locals. No matter what the condition is, you can always surf as the water is very safe. If you are not sure, then you can have the help of the guides who are very efficient professionals. The location is prime because it is just 20 minutes away from Porto’s airport, and you can use this spot as a weekend getaway. Porto is indeed the perfect place if you want somewhere to surf, even during the winter season.

Espinho-Portugal Surfing Spots

This is one of the most famous sports in the north of Portugal where you can surf. It is a solemn place and is suitable for surfing in the summer season. There is a competition named as WSL Pro Junior, and most of the surfers are local. The most fantastic time to visit the place is of course during the annual calendar and the FEST film festival, and you can expect a lot of crowds over there. Now only for surfing but this is an excellent place for a night out as well.

Esmoriz-Portugal Surfing Spots

This spot is located 8km away to the south of Espinho, and it is a small holiday town with numerous Portuguese charm. The smallest waves are good for surfing, and you can get consistency in surfing. But the surfer needs to be patient and read the waves so that the surfing session is successful. The best part is that you will not find any crowd over here, and checking the waves becomes easier.


There are various spots in Portugal, and we have mentioned only some of them. So do ample research and try to hit at least some of the significant spots.

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