Preparing For Your Solo Surf Trip

Preparing For Your Solo Surf Trip

If you’re a seasoned surfer or just thinking about trying to surf trip in your life, don’t start surfing without first taking a few lessons in surfing. Although it’s not required, having a few lessons can really help you be better prepared for the adventure of surfing solo. It also provides you with a greater chance of having more fun and being a better surfer overall.

During a solo surfing trip, there are certain things that you should do, like taking into account the weather conditions, making sure that you’re adequately hydrated, and of course, you should start out on the right wave. You might not understand the waves in advance so before heading out to the beach, you should begin learning about the local conditions.

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Preparing For Your Solo Surf Trip
Preparing For Your Solo Surf Trip

The best time to learn about the waves is during your pre-trip preparations. By doing this, you can determine what waves you’ll be facing at the destination.

Solo surf trips usually feature strong currents. To prepare yourself for this, you need to learn to recognize where the strongest currents are located before setting out on your solo surfing trip.

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On your solo surfing trip, you need to avoid wearing your helmet on the actual wave. A large part of the water pressure will be from the wind and not from the waves and if you wear your helmet, you’ll increase the wind pressure and may injure yourself more than you’d expect.

In addition, to avoiding being swept away by the ocean currents, do not ride your board out in deep water unless there is a small rise above the water level. This will ensure that you’ll be able to properly navigate and avoid getting carried away by the current.

On your surf trip, do not plan to venture far from shore because there are beaches along the way. If you do plan to venture out too far out shores, you should make sure that you can afford the boat fare, the camping, and the rental vehicle expenses.

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You should also consider the length of your solo surfing trip. If you’re planning a longer trip, you should plan for the extra expense of water taxi rides or car rentals.

You also need to ensure that you plan your surf trip with a buddy. Your surf trip with a buddy will save you the gas money and can allow you to enjoy each other’s company and swimming.

When you’re on your solo surfing trip, you should have a plan of action when it comes to getting yourself to the shore and should know where the hospital is in case you fall ill. Use a cellphone and some type of communication system when it comes to contacting medical services on your surf trip.

Remember that if you have kids in the group, you should pack the same type of food for the group. Food and drinks are vital on a solo surf trip and if you’re going on a solo surfing trip, you should never leave out the salty snacks and beverages.

Bottom Line

Preparing For Your Solo Surf Trip
Preparing For Your Solo Surf Trip

If you decide to take your surfing trip, make sure that you have your family or friends with you. Having a buddy around can really make a difference in making your surfing experience something special and memorable.

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