Pros And Cons Of Full-Face Snorkeling Masks

Pros And Cons Of Full-Face Snorkelling Masks

Full-face snorkeling masks are gaining massive popularity amongst snorkelers today. The primary purpose of such covers is to let the snorkeler breathe naturally through the nose inside the water. The traditional masks do not offer this option. You can only breathe through the mouth with traditional snorkeling masks. Beginners often prefer Full-face snorkeling masks. It is so because they are more comfortable in the water with their face covered. There are Pros and Cons of everything.

Some of the advantages of using full-face snorkeling masks are:

Pros And Cons Of Full-Face Snorkelling Masks
Pros And Cons Of Full-Face Snorkeling Masks

Breathing Naturally

Breathe is critical to your body and the proper functioning of the brain. Any difficulty in breathing makes one to panic. Hence, you must pay special attention to it. While wearing a regular mask underwater, you can breathe either through your mouth or nose. In the absence of natural breathing, you are more prone to getting nervous. Hence, full-face snorkeling masks help you keep calm and relaxed.

Water barrier

As the name suggests, full-face snorkeling masks cover your entire face. They reduce the chances of water entering your costumes due to facial movements. You can conveniently use one even if you have a mustache. The rear strap attaches to your ears keeps the mask in proper position even if you move around the water.

Pros And Cons Of Full-Face Snorkelling Masks
Pros And Cons Of Full-Face Snorkeling Masks

Snorkel System With A Built-In Dry Top

Unlike regular snorkeling masks, full-face snorkeling masks offer a whole new experience to your underwater adventure. As it has already been mentioned, such covers do not allow water to go into your face. By chance, a small amount of water passes through the cover, it passes through your chin and keeps your face dry. This is made possible because of the particular valve that is present at the bottom of the mask. It drains out any amount of water that enters your cover.


Full-face snorkeling masks that are of high quality do not get foggy as much as the regular ones. This is because of the dual vent system due to which there is a natural circulation of air. Hence, you get a better vision and proper breathing simultaneously.

Disadvantages Of Full-Face Snorkelling Masks

An Obstacle While Free Diving

Full-face snorkeling masks contribute towards building up more pressure in your ears. Since they do not allow air to pass through your nose, the pressure on the ear increases while diving down. If you prefer free diving and having a closer view of things underwater, they are not an ideal choice.

Prone To Scratches

Full-face snorkeling masks can get scratches very fast. Therefore, you must carry them with care. You may pack them in an extra bag while traveling. Also, avoid making your masks to come in contact with sand or dust.

Pros And Cons Of Full-Face Snorkelling Masks
Pros And Cons Of Full-Face Snorkeling Masks

Larger And Bulkier

As compared to regular masks, full-face snorkeling masks are more significant in shape. You will need more space to carry them in your bag. You cannot bend them or put much pressure on them. Packing them is a big hustle.

Don’t Let You Learn Diving Skills

Full-face snorkeling masks never let you come out of your comfort zone. This spoils your habit and restricts you from leaning the techniques of diving.

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