Surfboard: Your First Surfboard

The surfboard is counted among the most enjoyable sports by adventure enthusiasts worldwide. Playing with the energetic water waves has an unmatchable thrill attached. That is the reason why many people prefer learning surfboarding as compared to other sports. Thus, if you are also planning to join the wave of surfboarding, you need to buy some necessary accessories attached to it. Foremost is a surf-board and you ought to make sure that it is the perfect one!

Reliable Tips To Select Your First Surfboard
Reliable Tips To Select Your First Surfboard

Since you have decided to get yourself a new surfboard, the first reaction would be to go for expensive hi-tech surfboards. The central assumption behind this decision to go for the tech ones is that they will serve you better as compared to others. However, this is not so. You need to follow some reliable tips, and you can have the best surf-board in possession.

To lend you a helping hand, we have listed down some excellent and unfailing tips that can assist you in buying your first surf-board.

Tips For Buying Your First Surfboard

Reliable Tips To Select Your First Surfboard
Reliable Tips To Select Your First Surfboard

Buoyancy: It is always advisable to get a surf-board, which is high in resilience. The thicker is your surf-board, better it becomes to regain your balance while surfboarding. Moreover, thicker surfboards are known to quickly move back to the surface as compared to the ones with less buoyancy.

Your Body Weight: Your body weight is an imperative factor which should be taken into consideration before buying a surfboard. If you are a lightweight person (below 200 lbs), obviously you need to go for smaller surfboards as they will be much easy to paddle your way in the waves. On the other hand, if you are a heavy person (more than 200lbs), you ought to go for a thicker surfboard that can help you stay on the waves.

Money: It is always advisable not to spend too much on your first surfboard until you become confident with your abilities to ride on the waves. As this would be your first time on the waves, you will experience much banging and bumping and this will start showing on your surfboard as well. Thus, it is always better to go for a moderately priced surfboard so that you can always go for another one if it wears and tears soon.

Type Of Wave: Before buying your first surfboard, it is always advisable and imperative to assess the kind of waves you would be riding on. There may be areas which might have small streams, for example, between 1 foot and 4 foot. For these kinds of waves, you might want to go for longboard surfboards and fish surfboards. However, it is always better to ask your mentor regarding the surf-board you should buy based on the types of waves in your area.

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