Shonan Japan’s Culture: Olympics

Shonan Japan’s Culture is the new center of its surfing. Surfing is gaining popularity in Japan quickly for its peaceful and calm nature. The good news is the 2020 Olympics is also including surfing in its game listing, and that is a piece of good news for the surfer community. Japan sea is calmer in someplace and fierce in some. A more peaceful sea is ideal for surfing purposes also, and Shonan is perfect for that. Shonan is situated 50 kilometers away from the capital Tokyo has some ideal surf conditions too. As surfing is mainly American culture and it also came to Japan through American military soldiers in the early ’60s. They became friendly with some of the local boys. When they were away to their base camp, Japanese boys used to sneak in their quarters to get some boards and used to practice. That is how culture became popular.

Let us see some surfing characteristics at first to understand this. Surfing is all about balance and efficiency. It also depends on wave height and the ability of surfer. When the surfer is beginner, he must use big wide boards, and after gaining efficiency, he can use small fish boards which are sharp-edged and also perfect for surf stunts

Shonan Japan's Culture: New Surfing Culture In Olympics
Shonan Japan’s Culture: New Surfing Culture In Olympics

Shonan Japan’s Culture: Perfect Conditions

When American army soldiers felt down, they used to practice surfing with the local boys of Shonan. In the meantime, they started a friendship, and one or two soldiers left their surfboards locally when they returned to the USA permanently. That is how they grew fond of surfing, and that is continuing to date. Shonan is a calm place with a more peaceful sea and lots of daily surfers nowadays. The inclusion in the Olympics is waiting for its final approval, but the Japanese are going to leave a mark for sure. Recently they have hosted a surfing competition and witnessed some pretty surfing stunts too. 

Shonan Japan's Culture: New Surfing Culture In Olympics
Shonan Japan’s Culture: New Surfing Culture In Olympics

Some More Characteristics

Surfing needs a lot of practice but never ignore safety. Always put your life jacket first before surfing and still keep it well informed to the authorities. If necessary, take help from the bay watch team and let them help you through your situation. Check your life jacket if they are working correctly.

Another thing to be careful about is your attachment leash. The leash should be undoubtedly strong and flexible at the same time. While tying it to the ankle, please check if it can control the paddle or not.

In Shonan, the Japanese culture of surfing is increasing with the passing of each day, and they are enjoying it thoroughly as an extreme water sport. Several surf shops in rising in the seashore to maintain the supply chain. We asked some local Japanese surfer about the game, and they are highly satisfied with the weather condition at the seaside.

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