Surf Accessories That You Should Take With You

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The biggest challenge most faced when beginning out in surfing was knowing which surf accessories really were integral when it came to getting a full-fledged set together. Let’s face it; there are far more cool surf accessories available than necessary. On this page l break down the novice surf accessories into two different categories. These categories are meant to target the established surfers that already know what they want and need but for the neophytes, or those just starting out, I would suggest looking into these two basic categories of accessories.

Surf Shower Head Packs 

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One of the first accessories surfers purchase when they decide to venture out into the surf, is a portable shower head unit. You will find these in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some have wheels while others are stand alone models that plug into a wall outlet. A popular choice is the head pack style that hangs from your handlebar. Most come with a cord loop as well, which allows you to tie into an existing shower hose.

Surf Fins 

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The next set of surf accessories we are going to discuss are the fins. You will find a huge range of fins on offer at your local retailer. From the basic point and flow fins, right through to very fancy designs and units that resemble the pro style fins. Whatever the style of surf board you have, fins are an essential accessory to have.

Surf Wetsuit

OK, so you have your surfboard, but what do you need a surf wetsuit for? Well, the main purpose of your surf wetsuit is to keep you dry in the event that you end up taking a fall. A common misconception amongst beginner surfers is to wear a regular sports wetsuit to surf. Although these types of wetsuits are very effective for light oceanic surfs, you are much better off with a full on professional wetsuit. These are normally constructed from waterproof materials, such as neoprene, and they offer excellent protection from the elements.

Surf Fin Set

If you are going to be out surfing for a long time, such as a day or more, then you are going to need some extra surf accessories. One of the most important ones is a good quality surfboard leash. Many surf shops will stock great beach towels, but for the ultimate in layering for added warmth, you can add a surf fin set to your surfboard. Surf fin sets come in a variety of different styles, such as rope, cable and mesh. They also come with different necklines to cater for differing surfboard styles.

Cold Water Collapsible

Although a surfboard fin is useful, it is also useful for layering up some other surf accessories. One of the most important ones is a cold water cap. They usually come in two pieces, which makes them very easy to carry in even the smallest surf bag. This is especially useful if you are taking along a surfboard and a swimsuit as it prevents your clothing from getting damaged by the cold water.


Other surf accessories that can be taken along include surf boards, leash, wax bags and swim fin kits. You may also want to consider some basic accessories like paddle bags and paddles. These are used to keep your surfboard from making an involuntary turn during your ride. These are generally small paddle bags, which you can easily take with you in your surfboard bags.

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