Surf Fishing Tips For Beginners

best gear for surf fishing

The best gear for surf fishing has to be lightweight and easy to carry on board. You are most likely going to be using your fins to haul in your catch, and that means they need to be light enough to be moved around without exerting too much pressure on them. A popular type of alternative to plastic or cloth boating gear is surfboard gear. Fins are often called surfers, and these types of items are designed for great handling in water.

An Overview

Fins are also commonly used by other forms of anglers when they want to fish for saltwater fishing. These normally consist of two main pieces – a thin fin and a thick fin. A surfperch is a small-sized piece of foam which acts as a lure for catching fish. It looks like the body of a small fish, hence the name. There are various places on a surfboard, where you can place your surfperch.

Many different kinds of surfperches exist, which makes choosing the right one pretty tricky. You should be looking at either a small perch or a medium size perch with a heavy base. Some surfers are known to use heavy duty tubular mesh, which can catch a lot of fish.


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Another important factor for good surf perch fishing is the bait itself. The type of bait that you choose depends on what type of fish you are going after, how big it is, and what the water conditions are like. Most people use a simple bait such as bread dough balls, but if you want to try something a little more original you could try squid or mackerel. Mackerel can be caught using whitefish or even Herring, which are naturally scavengers. If you want to fish for bigger, tougher fish, you could try using black or gray jigs.

One of the more popular types of baits for surf fishing are braided line items. These are made from a braided pattern of strong nylon, usually around six to ten feet in length. The idea behind these baits is that they are easy to handle, look good, and are very durable. They can be used in saltwater as well as freshwater, making them a great option for any kind of fishing. However, there are some limitations to these kinds of baits, especially if you plan on trolling for large specimens.

Get Some Specialist Reel 

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If you need to catch fish while out in the water, you will also need some kind of specialist reel to hold the fish. Reels come in two basic varieties, spool reels or bait casting reels. Bait casting reels are probably the best for surf fishing, especially when you are trying to catch bigger fish. Spool reels on the other hand, are better suited to trolling smaller fish.

If you want to be more efficient with your surf fishing, then you may want to invest in some bait casting rods. These rods have a wire frame with a fin on the front. The main idea with these rods is that you can keep using the front fin to guide your bait through the water without having to continuously cast your line. These rods are generally smaller than most other rods, but they will work well for both small and large specimens. There are many different kinds of lures that you can use with these rods, which is another great advantage.


The last piece of important gear for surf perch fishing tips is your choice of lures. You will want to use live bait, although some will consider plastic baits or even flies as options. The most popular type of bait are braided line lures, but you can also use small frogs, earthworms, worms, minnows, starfish, shad, or other types of bait that can be kept in the water. It all depends on how open you want to be with your fishing, as well as how much you are willing to spend. These baits come in many different colors, sizes, and shapes, so you can choose the one that you like the best, or you can go with a combination of any of these baits.

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