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Surf Leagues: Women Surfers

Top Women Surfers Of The World

A daring game in every possible way surfing in recent times is no more a men’s sport.  In fact,  women are having an equal share of credit in terms of efficiency and performance.  Top women surfers have taken part in the premier surf leagues happen across the world.  They are not only accomplished but have also been an inspiration to the women who aspire to be a surfer and want to make history.

Top Women Surfers Of The World
Top Women Surfers Of The World

List Of Top Women Surfers In Surf Leagues

So, here we present the top women surfers of the world as of now.

Keely Andrew

A well-known face of the premier surf leagues across the world,  Keely is well acclaimed for her precision. She came to limelight in 2015 by overpowering JohanneDefay, Tyler Wright, and Coco HoKnown for her polished and precise style.  Keely Andrew created wonders in her first Championship Tour event. In the following years, she has beaten Stephanie Gilmore at  Honolua Bay. During 2017, Keely finished up with several wins in the premier leagues.

Courtney Conlogue

She has been a runner up world champion in the year 2015- 16 surf leagues. An avid surfer,  Courtney had an interest in surfing. She had an interest in the waves and seas since childhood.  Courtney won her first title at the age of 10 when she was in her high school in the U.S Open Surfing League. She’s been a name in the world’s surfing history since then.

Johanne Defay – 2014 Surf Leagues Winner

All that made her famous is her explosive moves. Right from her appearance in the Surf leagues, she was made famous by her “inverted nose-pick reverse” and  “figure 8 fundamentals”. Defay became an important member of the Championship Tour in 2014 and notched several victories in the following years. Most of her wins have taken place in the waves between California & Hawaii.

Maya Gabeira

Famous as a big-wave server of 2018, Maya has already etched her name in the Guinness World Book of Records for her exceptional performance in 68-foot monster at Nazare, Portugal.  This place is already famous for producing some of the daunting waves which are famed for producing some of the world’s most formidable, treacherous waves.

The best part is the same feat has also grabbed her the title of first-ever World Surf League Women’s XXL Biggest Wave Award. Maya is coveted worldwide due to her extraordinary effort who rose to fame defying many odds. Despite being an asthma patient, Maya Gabeira became the queen of waves.

Sally Fitzibbons

Sally steps into the surfing scene at quite a young age. She is known for clinching the title in the Qualifying Series championship at an age of 18. No doubt, it’s quite younger than a lot of surfers in history. She concluded with few amazing wins in the following years. Though, her career graph was bit slumped for a few years, she further rose to fame as the world champion in 2017.

With a career graph that demands reverence in every bit, these girls went on to create history with their extraordinary surfing feats

Top Women Surfers Of The World
Top Women Surfers Of The World
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