Surfing Accessories And Other Water Sports Equipment

A man riding a wave in the ocean

Surfing is one of the most challenging adventures as well as water sports in the world. Surfing comes with an extreme level of enthusiasm and excitement but also involves a few risks and life-threatening aspects that need proper supervision. The safety and security of the surfers is an area of concern, but efficient surfing accessories is a perfect solution to this problem. There are several safety equipment and accessories which ensure the complete safety and convenience of the surfers, especially when they go deep into the sea for surfing. Surfing equipment can be an upright aid to the surfers, and they even enhance the surfing experience by the features and comfort they provide.  

About Surf Eclipse

A man riding a wave on a surfboard in the ocean

Surfboards are the most basic equipment that you need to go out for surfing. Surfboards are the magic carpets that help the surfers to ride over the ocean waves. There are various types of surfboards designed for different wave situations, weather conditions, and surfing pro-efficiency of the surfers. 

Surf eclipse is a company that deals with providing surfing accessories to make these surfboards suitable for carrying out all activities related to surfing, at the same providing accessories for the surfers as well, to make their surfing comfortable and safe.

Surf Eclipse Accessories 

A man riding a wave on a surfboard in the water

1.) The surf fins 

Surf fins are supposed to be the wheels of surfboards. The fins contribute to high stability, improved performance, and durability of the surfboards. The most commonly used fins are single-fin, twin-fin, quad-fins, five-fins. 

2.) The Leash

The leash is a rope that a surfer uses to connect with the surfboard. Even if the surfer falls, he will still be attached to his board that lowers the chances of the board getting lost after falling. 

3.) The traction pad

The surf wax or the traction pad is the grip that enables the surfers to develop a firm grip on the surfboard and prevents the surfer from slipping and falling when surfing over the ocean waves. But, the surfer wax needs maintenance regularly, whereas the traction pads have a better life. 

4.) Surfboard bag

Surfboards are sensitive and need protection from accidents and physical damage. It also helps the surfers to carry the surfboards easily. 

Clothing Accessories

A man flying through the air while riding a wave in the ocean

1.) Wetsuits  

Wetsuits are the safety gear and suits made of neoprene that the surfers wear during surfing. These wetsuits are durable for the surfers because they help the surfers to survive for a longer time in the deep seas. There are mainly two types of wetsuits- spring and full wetsuits. The thickness levels of the wetsuits are 2mm, 3/2mm, and 4/3mm. 

2.) Rash Guards

The rashguards are optional, and their use is to protect the surfers from the irritation caused by the wetsuits and also the continuous exposure to scorching heat. 

3.) Surfer earplugs 

Surfer earplugs safeguard the surfers from exostosis that is a medical condition in which the canal of the ear swells or thickens if exposed to cold winds as waters for a prolonged time

4.) Gloves, boots, and hoods 

Hand gloves, boots, and hoods are the essential accessories that are beneficial to the surfers as these accessories protect the surfers from the low temperatures. 


Surfing accessories are necessary to ensure the safety of the surfers. Surf eclipse provides quality surfing accessories and equipment which are durable and assure the best services to the surfers.

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