Australia: 4 Amazing Surf Spots -

Australia: 4 Amazing Surf Spots

4 Beaches To Give You Mesmerizing Experience Of Surfing Australia

With waves for seasoned surfers as well as beginners into surfing, Australia boasts of some beautiful and breathtaking surf spots in the world.

From the west coast to the east coast, there are some beaches in Australia that have never lost their popularity because of their breaks and their beaches. Thus, Australia can rightly be called a surfing Mecca. Surfing is an activity that remains deeply rooted in the culture of the country, and this is because it serves as home to just the right waves and surfers. The swell window of the country speaks of high consistency. You can easily find different types of waves for varied tastes and levels.
Additionally, you will find camps offering you the chance to go surfing Australia. Let us have a closer look at the places where you can find the right waves.

Bondi Surfing Australia Beach

Yes, you heard it right. It is a world-famous beach in New South Wales that caters to all surfing tastes and levels. If you are an enthusiastic surfer, then you have the option of flocking south side, and if you are a beginner, then you must enroll for the small group courses. Bondi Beach lies at a 30 minutes drive from the city. It is one surfing destination in Australia that has grabbed massive recognition across the world for its beauty and its waves.

4 Beaches To Give You Mesmerizing Experience Of Surfing Australia
4 Beaches To Give You Mesmerizing Experience Of Surfing Australia

Northern Beaches For Surfing In Australia


Sydney serves as home to visitors who come for surfing Australia. It is because it boasts of a good number of beautiful beaches and a 20 km coastline between Pam Beach and manly. It is a pilgrimage for surfing visitors in Australia and the beating heart of the surfing culture prevalent in the country. Here, you will find an abundance of surf schools.

It means that you need not worry if you do not possess excellent skills in going through the water. Remember, the world-quality waves found at North Narrabeen are only for the professionals and the experienced. Palm Beach will be the right destination for you if you are looking for a level surf spot.

Gold Coast 

Even though there are several beaches along the Queensland coast, the gem here are the many beaches perfect for surfing across the Gold Coast. From many waves to long and sandy beaches, it does not come as a surprise that surfers across the world call this a surfing paradise in Australia. Different streams can give you an enthralling experience along with beaches where you can have a relaxed time.

Cabarita Beach

It is a sandy stretch that is utterly revered by surfers across the world. The break that you will find here is just one of the few destinations that remain sheltered from giant swells and northerly winds. It is the right surfing spot for novices. There are even luxury hotels to enjoy prime positions right in front of the beach. Visitors also get the option of arranging private surfing lessons by getting in touch with the different camps operating in the area.

4 Beaches To Give You Mesmerizing Experience Of Surfing Australia
4 Beaches To Give You Mesmerizing Experience Of Surfing Australia

Do Not Forget

The sea is silent, but it can also be an unforgiving and dangerous place. Therefore, make sure to research conditions before entering the waters.


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