Surfing Gear Manufacturers – Choosing The Safer Gear For The Adventure

surfing gear manufacturers

As much fun surfing is, it can also be dangerous. This means it is absolutely necessary to always wear the right surfing gear when you go into the deep waters. Equipment that is of utmost importance while surfing is a good quality surfboard, fins, leash, surf wax to prevent slipping, wetsuit, a rash guard, surf earplugs, a surfboard bag, boots, hoods and gloves, boardshorts, surf poncho, sunscreen, surf watches, surf camera, and a dry bag. Surf watches and a Surf Camera are more of a personal choice but the rest are very important while surfing. To buy surfing gear, you must know surfing gear manufacturers, so here is a list of all the good surfing gear manufacturers from whom you can buy your gear without any kind of worries.

Surfing Gear Manufacturers – Surfboards

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Surfboards are the first thing you will buy when you decide to start surfing. This is basically the vehicle that you will use to ride through the high waves. And just like while buying any other vehicle, never make any compromise when it comes to the quality of the product. Always go for the best quality surfboards that you can find. It’s a one-time investment as it will be with you for a very long time.

Cobra International Co., Ltd. – Cobra International makes all types of Surfing Gear you will ever need. Their quality is top-notch and their products are very easily available. They manufacture and sell Windsurfing Boards, Surfboards, Accessories, Surf Boards of Country Origin.

Ningbo Yonglin Light Industry – Ningbo Yonglin Light Industry has been manufacturing and selling surfing gear for a long time now. They mainly manufacture Surfboards, Bodyboards, Wakeboards.

Hei Guan Sports Equipment – Hei Guan Sports Equipment manufactures surfboards, sup boards, and also soft sup boards.

Kinetic Sports Co., LTD – Kinetic Sports Manufacture a wide range of surfing gear including surfing boards and Kiteboards.

More Surfing Gear Manufacturers

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Xin Yitong Surfboard Equipment Co. – Kinetic Sports mainly manufactures surfing boards and kiteboards.

Xin Yitong Surfboard Equipment Co. – The company’s top products are surfboards, wood packing surfboards, inflatable surfboards with bag paddle.

Ningbo Jiangbei Highland Import – Ningbo Jiangbei Highland Import manufactures and sells bodyboards, Surfboards, and also fiberglass sup surfboards.

Yitong Surfboard Equipment Co. Ltd. – Yitong Surfboard Equipment manufactures Surfboards, paddles, and Carbon fiber paddles.

Final Set

Here are a few more manufacturers.

Agit Global INC – Agit Global Inc. manufactures snow sled, paddleboards, viper snow sleds, surfboards, and bodyboards.

James Business Corporation – James business corporation manufactures and sells surfboards and traction pads.

BIC Sport – BIC sport’s top products are all water sporting equipment, nautical equipment, nautical equipment surfboards, and windsurfs.


These are some surfing gear manufacturers you can buy your surfing gear from. Remember, wherever you buy your surfing gear from, always make sure you are buying the gear with a durable, sturdy, and strong built. Safety is the most important when it comes to water sports.

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