Surfing In Philippines: Best Waves


The craze for adventure activities is increasing at a massive rate. The youngsters prepare a bucket list to achieve during their lifetime. Moreover, the geographical distortions of the landmasses offer them scopes for such activities. Surfing is a surface water sport, which demands dynamic balance and skills. The surfers maintain their control over the board in severe waves. It requires a lot of training and practice to sharpen surfing skills. There are several varieties of surfing boards obtainable in the market. The Philippines offers the world with diverse varieties of water sports. Therefore, canyoneering, rafting, cruising, surfing, etc. are common. The amusement parks of the Philippines are a perfect boost up for the adventure junkies. Surfing In the Philippines offers one of the most impressive waves to the visitors.

Surfing In Philippines: Experience The Best Waves
Surfing In Philippines: Experience The Best Waves

Some of the vital surfing locations in the Philippines are:

Siargao Is One Of The Locations For Surfing In Philippines

Pacific Ocean, Celebes Sea, Philippine Sea, and the South China Sea encircle the landmass. Therefore, the Philippines offer the world with 22,545 miles of coastline. December to March is the perfect season for surfing, due to strong offshore winds. Moreover, Siargao is the surfing capital of this landmass. The strong swells of the Pacific Ocean make it an ideal destination. General Luna is the home to Cloud 9, which is the famous break. This location is bound to be the first visiting spot of the surfers. The imposing right-hand reef break offers the ideal barrels. Surfers visit this spot to try their shot in these barrels. The razor-sharp reef at the lower end provides strong waves. You need to enhance your skills to enjoy this location. There are local as well as international surfing competitions in this water.

Baler, Luzon- Surfing Spot

Baler is the birthplace of surfing in the land of the Philippines. Moreover, this location is an accessible shooting location for movies. The locals learn the surfing style from the filming company. The beach is of black sand and is the favorite location of local surfers. There are various peaks both on the left and right sides of this beach. The right-hand reef break of Baler is ideal for the professional surfers. However, there are two significant spots for surfers in this area. Cemento, Charlie’s Point are at a walking distance from Baler. The typhoon season in these breaks provide the surfers with massive waves.

Surfing In Philippines: Experience The Best Waves
Surfing In Philippines: Experience The Best Waves

La Union Is One Of The Locations For Surfing In Philippines

San Juan is the fundamental surfing beach at La Union. Moreover, the beach region is the surfing capital of Northern Philippine. 8 to 10 feet of waves are standard all day long. There are three positions for perfect surfing- Beach Break, The Bowl, and The Point. October to March is the ideal time to visit the beach of La Union. Sunset beach, Car-rille, Bacnotan, and Darigayos are other surfing locations near La Union. Therefore, you can drive and reach these surfing locations from San Juan.