Surfing Olympics New Addition

Surfing Olympics A New Addition To The Olympics

After a long wait, the Summer Olympics is back with a bang. Tokyo is organizing the Olympics after fifty-six years. The 2020 Summer Olympics will start from the 24th of July and will go on till the 9th of August 2020.

The International Olympic Committee has added five new sports to the 2020 Olympic events. The five new games are Baseball, Karate, Skateboarding, Sport climbing, and the Surfing Olympics. It is fantastic to see Surfing Olympics make its debut in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

 Surfing Olympics

Surfing Olympics is the best addition in the 2020 Summer Olympics. The IOC considers Surfing Olympics as extreme sports. Therefore, it will be amazing to watch Surfing Olympics events. The Surfing event will give the competition vast popularity among the youths.

Tokyo will have the Surfing Olympics at its Shidshita beach. Both men’s and women’s categories are present for the events. Surfing Olympics will also bring a lot of youths to watch the Olympics. It is an excellent step by the International Olympic Committee to capture youth’s attention towards the Olympic games.


Surfing Olympics A New Addition To The Olympics
Surfing Olympics A New Addition To The Olympics

Along with Surfing Olympic’s, the IOC has also added Baseball in their roaster. However, the popularity of Baseball has helped it to get into the Olympics. Similar to Surfing Olympic’s, Baseball will also help gain more viewership for the Olympic games.

Unlike Surfing Olympic’s, two teams will be competing against each other in Baseball. Softball is slightly different than Baseball. Women category will be participating in Softball.


Surfing Olympics A New Addition To The Olympics
Surfing Olympics A New Addition To The Olympics

It is quite strange that IOC added karate after such a long time. Anyways, I guess it is better late than never. Karate will be joining other martial arts such as wrestling, judo, boxing, and taekwondo.

Karate is a form of mixed martial arts that includes hand, legs, elbows, and open-hand techniques. However, there will be two disciplines of karate in the 2020 Summer Olympic. The two disciplines are Kumite, which is the sparring discipline, and Kata, which is the form-discipline.


Skateboarding is the land counterpart of the Surfing Olympic’s. It is also amazing to see that skateboarding has finally made it to the Olympics. Skateboarding will bring a massive influx of youth’s attentions towards the Olympics games. Surfing Olympic’s and skateboarding will surely be a game-changing event for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Along with Surfing Olympic’s, skateboarding also comes under extreme sports.

Sport Climbing

The final new addition to the 2020 Summer Olympics is sport climbing. It is similar and is a discipline of rock climbing. In sport climbing, athletes will be climbing fake walls instead of actual rocks. The three formats of sport climbing are bouldering climbing, lead climbing, and speed climbing. Along with Surfing Olympic’s, sport climbing also comes under extreme sports.

Surfing Olympics: Conclusion

The new games added into the 2020 Summer Olympics will boost the popularity of the Olympics. Therefore, the introduction of the Surfing Olympic’s and skateboarding will be a game-changer. The rest of the games will have to deal with the new additions. They will have to retain their popularity to participate in the next Olympics.

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