Surfing Siargao: In Philippines

Surfing in the Siargao is quite exciting, and you will surely love it. This is a tropical island that is also quite famous for surfing in the pearl of the orient seas. It is just a tiny island among the 7000 islands here. This is a place where you get an excellent mix of relaxed vibes and excellent surfing. There are magnificent deserted beaches along with warm water and plenty of coconuts. If you are a surfer yourself and want to learn surfing, this is undoubtedly the best place to be. This island is wonderful, and you can compare it to a slice of heaven.

Surfing Siargao: Ocean Ecstasy In The Philippines
Surfing Siargao: Ocean Ecstasy In The Philippines

1. For Surfing In The Philippines, You Should Know About The Siargao Island

Siargao island is there in the South-Eastern part of the Philippines. There is a small airport where you can reach by flying from Cebu. You can also take a ferry from the city of Surigao. Once you arrive, you can take a shuttle to finally reach General Luna. This is the leading surf town of this island. It is a twenty-minute drive, and it will help you to get an idea about the life of the people staying there.

2. What Makes Siargao Popular Than The Other Island?

Surfing is the activity that sets this island apart from the rest of the islands. There are as many as fifteen different surf breaks that are present around this particular island. These surf breaks are available both on and offshore. You have different options available here for the different levels of skill.

You can rent a motorcycle along with a board rack for about $8 per day. Renting a surfboard costs more or less the same. But this selection is not the best because it is difficult to ship the boards. To reach the off-breaks, you will have to hire the out trigger boat that is called Banca. This will take you to your destination. You will also have a captain who will be there with you.

The waves in Siargao is there throughout the year. Most of the people surf here during September and October. There are some guesthouses as well as bungalows present here. You can surf in General Luna at a minimum cost of $10. There are several excellent resorts current here. The accommodation is also quite friendly and is similar to that of a hostel. You will be able to taste some good wood fire pizzas because these are the authentic dishes here.

If you love to surf, then Siargao is undoubtedly the best option for you. You will be able to enjoy this place. There are also other places suitable for surfing in the Philippines. The only thing that you will have to do here is to take the guidance of an expert.

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