Surfing Spots In Florida - Where To Find Them -

Surfing Spots In Florida – Where To Find Them

surfing spots in florida

Surfing is a sport that has gained popularity across the world and it can be said that surfing spots in Florida are some of the best beaches in the United States. Florida is considered as one of the most perfect vacation spots in United States and there are many reasons behind it. Florida has beautiful weather all round the year, the beaches are perfectly sanded, it has an ideal environment for water sports activities and the surfers can enjoy surfing without any crowd around them. Some of the most popular surfing spots in Florida include South Beach, Daytona Beach, Brickell and Boynton Beach and they provide good surfing conditions throughout the year.

South Beach

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South beach is one of the famous surfing spots in Florida. It is a very popular tourist spot with a large number of surfers. It is a private beach so there are no public areas available for surfers to use. In the past when it was a public beach, it had a lot of people trying their skills on the waves but with the advancement in technology, the waves got smaller and it is not possible for a lot of surfers to gain a foothold on it.

The water temperature here is moderate and this helps to make it more popular among surfers. South beach offers different kinds of surf for all kinds of people. You can surf on the famous high waves or you can try your hand at other types of surfing like beginner surf or competition surfing. With so many different kinds of surfing spots in Florida, there is something for everyone.

Daytona Beach: Popular Surfing Spot

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The next popular surfing spot in Florida is Daytona Beach. This is also a private beach so there are no crowds of people watching the surfers. It is located on the southern part of the state and the waves get very big here. It has a long stretch of sand between the south west corner and the water of the Atlantic. People love to come here during the winter because the temperature is perfect for surfing.

Another popular surfing spot is the Venice Beach. This is located on the north of the state, directly above the Tampa Bay. It has a long stretch of fine sand between the water and the Tampa Bay. The surfers here have to go under water some times during the day because it gets too narrow for the waves to reach the shore.

Miami International Airport

One more popular surfing destination is the Miami International Airport. Surfers fly in from all over the country and come here for surfing fun. It is the perfect place for beginners because the waves are small. It is a place where you can even rent boards. The surfing here is slow but there is a lot of variety to offer.

There are also other surfing spots in Florida, which are perfect for experienced surfers. For starters, one of the best beaches to hone your skills on is off the Venice Beach, off the Pensacola Beach, and off of the St. Pete Beach in Sarasota. You can find small waves and big waves here, and there are also breaks where you can do both. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try your luck at the “Big Bertha” break.

Last Words

Most of the surfing spots in Florida are not easy to find. So if you are trying to find the perfect surfing spot in Florida, you should know what kind of water you want to surf in. Surfers tend to head for the shallows where the water is calmer and the waves aren’t as large. If you are looking for a more challenging surf destination, then you can go to a beach near the Gulf of Mexico. Surfers here can expect a good challenge, although the waves are not as large as those found further inland.

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