Surfing Spots in Mexico – 3 Of The Best Places For Stand Up Surf

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Mexico, officially the United Mexican States, borders the United States to the north; to the south by the Pacific Ocean; across the central part of Central America; and east by the Gulf of Mexico and into the southwestern part of Texas. Mexico is considered to be among the very best surfing countries in the world. More people have been discovering the fun and excitement that surfing offers.

Different Surfing Spots

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There are many different surfing spots in Mexico, all of which offer a unique experience. Mexico boasts several world-class surfing beaches. In the Pacific Ocean, there are numerous places that offer excellent surfing, including La Jolla, California; Baja Nayarit, Mexico; Puerto Morelos, Mexico; along with several other locations around the Pacific Ocean. These are just some of the many surfing spots in Mexico.

In the South of Mexico, located near the Yucatan Peninsula, there are several wonderful surfing areas. These include Playa Condesa, Santa Cruz de Tela and Laguna Nayarit. Further east, there are also some excellent locations in Riviera Nayarit. These surfing spots are all located near the Playa Condesa area, although there are a few spots further east that offer excellent surfing too.

The North Of Mexico Surfing Areas

The North of Mexico offers a wide variety of surfing areas. This includes such locations as Playa del Carmen and Riviera Nayarit. Riviera Nayarit features some great breaks including reef breaks. Playa Condesa is well-known for its large waves. Other great surfing locations include Los Molinos and El Malpais.

Not all surfing in Mexico takes place on the ocean. Some of the best surfing in Mexico can be found along the shore. These include such areas as Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen. Some of the best wave action is found in the northern part of the country. This includes such locations as Bahia de Banaras.

Offer Professional Surfing Competitions

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Other surfing spots in Mexico offer competition. There are several places in the country that offer professional surfing competitions. These include events such as the Freeride World Competition. The surfing competitions offered in Mexico are very popular too. They attract local surfers as well as visitors from the United States and other countries.

Not everyone is a surfer, but everyone can enjoy surfing in some form. Most people who live in Mexico live along the beach or near the ocean. However, there are still plenty of beaches in most of the country where a person can go surfing. The best part about surfing in Mexico is that it is inexpensive. It’s great for families and for singles alike.

Last Words 

If you are planning a trip to Mexico to get into the sport of surfing, you should take a look at some of the top surfing spots in the country. You will find many other locations around the country that have great surfing, but the ocean offers some of the best conditions for this sport. Mexico has many other possibilities for surfing including the Caribbean Islands. Many tourists like to visit the islands when they come to Mexico. You may even find the best waves in these areas. Make sure that when you plan your trip to Mexico, you consider everything available and plan your trip wisely.

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